Invest in Ukraine as future EU member, Scholz tells business forum


GERMAN Chancellor Olaf Scholz has put his weight behind Ukraine’s EU membership at a business forum in Berlin focused on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“As we rebuild Ukraine, then let us do so with the goal of Ukraine as an EU member in mind,” Scholz said.

The transport infrastructure as well as the logistics and transport sector should be developed in such a way that the country will be connected to the EU without any problems.

“Whoever invests in the reconstruction of Ukraine today invests in a future EU member state that will be part of our community of law and our internal market,” said Scholz.

The chancellor pointed out that more than 2,000 German companies were active in Ukraine, others wanted to return as soon as possible.

He appealed to the Ukrainian government to further improve the framework conditions for investment.

He mentioned more rule of law, more transparency and an even more decisive fight against corruption.

Scholz also pledged further military assistance for Ukraine, especially to protect it from attacks from the air. (dpa/NAN)