Islamist attack suspected following Berlin motorway crashes


A series of crashes on a Berlin motorway on Wednesday which left several people injured were thought to have been an Islamist militants attack, prosecutors said.

According to a spokesman for the public prosecutor in the German capital, the attack is an Islamist-motivated attack.

However, the spokesman also noted that there was evidence that the 30-year-old Iraqi suspect, who had been detained suffers from mental health problems.

On Tuesday, the driver caused three accidents on the autobahn near central Berlin.

A spokesman for the fire brigade said that three people were seriously injured, and another three suffered minor injuries.

However, parts of the city highway were still closed off the following day.

According to the prosecutor’s spokesman, the suspect is being investigated on suspicion of attempted murder on several counts.

“Under the circumstances, we do not consider this to have been a chance accident,” the spokesman said.

Police said the man, upon flagging him down claimed to have a dangerous item in a box that he was carrying in the vehicle.

A police spokeswoman said that technicians assessed a metal box for carrying ammunition and shot at it with water cannon. However, nothing suspicious was found inside. (NAN)

– Aug. 19, 2020 @ 11:08 GMT |

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