Italian woman linked to disgraced Cardinal Becciu arrested in Milan

Cardinal Angelo Becciu and CECILIA Marogna
Cardinal Angelo Becciu and CECILIA Marogna

CECILIA Marogna, an Italian woman linked to a disgraced cardinal accused of misusing Vatican funds, has been arrested in Milan on behalf of Vatican authorities.

A spokesman for the Guardia di Finanza, Italy’s financial crimes police, confirmed the arrest on Wednesday.

The spokesman said the woman was apprehended following an international arrest warrant, directing further enquiries to the Vatican, which has yet to comment.

According to La Repubblica daily, she is wanted for embezzlement.

Marogna, 39, told the Corriere Della Sera newspaper that she received 500,000 euros ($587,000) from Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

She said the money was for geopolitical consultancy work, paid to a company she registered in Slovenia, rather than designer handbags and other luxury goods, as alleged by “Le Iene”, an Italian TV show.

Marogna, who Corriere described on Wednesday as “the cardinal’s lady”, also said in the interview it was “absurd” to think of her as Becciu’s lover.

Becciu, 72, quit as head of the Vatican’s sainthoods department and gave up his cardinal rights in September after Pope Francis accused him of using Vatican funds to help a cooperative run by his brother.

The cardinal, who admitted the payment but insists it was legitimate, had access to charity funds in his previous role as second-in-command at the Secretariat of State, the Vatican’s main ministry.

Becciu was previously under scrutiny over a luxury property investment in central London that happened under his watch and on which the Secretariat of State incurred large losses.


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