Jos DISCO to Supply Meters to Consumers Who Pay Outstanding Bills

Pre-paid meters


THE Jos Electricity Distribution Company, JED, has said that only consumers who clear their outstanding bills can be given prepaid meters. The JED company had sometimes in 2015, during a stakeholders’ meeting at Sindaba Hotel in Bauchi assured consumers of free pre-paid meters.

Lubabatu Rabi’u, public relation officer, JED, at a customer consultative forum organised by the company, which held in Bauchi said, “Only customers who are willing to settle their outstanding bills would enjoy the privilege.”

She, therefore, advised customers of the company to clear their bills and request for free meters to avoid estimated billing. She commended customers of the company in the state for their mutual understanding and support, and urged them not to relent in paying their electricity bills as and when due.

The public relation officer, however, warned that the company would not tolerate what she described as energy theft by some unpatriotic citizens who connect to its services illegally from unlawful sources.

At the event, John Zi, chief billing officer of the company, warned the customers to avoid direct connection or tempering with power lines without the consent of the company. Zi, who expressed concern about how some people connect power illegally, said the company has now developed new techniques, which enables it to detect any unlawful connection.

He called on customers not to pay their electricity bills to individual staff of the company, urging them to settle their bills in the approved designated channels which include Banks and JED offices. Most of the participants at the forum complained of overestimated billing when the company’s services are epileptic.

Responding to some of the complaints, Aminu Muhammad, Bauchi business manager of the company, promised to look into them. He, however, decried a situation whereby customers of the company donate money to buy electricity gadgets, which enables them to overpower the company in its operation in affected area.

—  Jun 6, 2016 @ 01:00 GMT


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