Delhi 2012 gang rape convicts to be hanged January 22


A Delhi court on Tuesday issued death warrants for four convicts on death row in a 2012 Delhi gang-rape case.

Their lawyers however, said they would file a fresh appeal against the execution order.

The orders followed an application by parents of the victim to expedite the process, saying the lower courts up to the Supreme Court had confirmed the death sentences in judgments since 2013.

Additional Sessions Judge, Satish Arora, said the hanging of the four convicts will take place at 7: 00 a.m. (0130 GMT) on Jan. 22, the victim’s father Badrinath Singh said.

“This judgment will reinforce people’s faith in the judiciary. My daughter will get justice,” the victim’s mother Asha Devi, who said she had waited seven years for justice, noted.

The defence lawyer A.P. Singh, who represents one of the convicts, Akshay Singh, said he would file a curative petition in the Supreme Court within a day or two, requesting the top court to review he judgment.

The Supreme Court had in December 2019, dismissed the last review petition in the case, filed by Akshay.

The victim’s parents had then asked the lower court to issue a death warrant.

According to legal experts, the convicts still have the last legal recourse of filing a curative petition in the Supreme Court.

If that petition is rejected, they could approach India’s president with a plea for mercy to commute the death sentence. (dpa/NAN)

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