Ibadan court dissolves 8-yr-old marriage over threat to life


ADEMOLA Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Wednesday dissolved the eight-year-old marriage between one Saheed Olodipupo and wife, Rashidat,  over threat to life.

Odunade ordered  Saheed and Rashidat to maintain peace as any reported act of violence from either of them might be considered as a criminal offence.

The court’s president also warned them against bringing any fetish object to the court for whatever reason.

He, however, granted custody of the two children produced by the union to Rashidat and ordered Saheed to pay a monthly allowance of N8,000 for the children’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare needs.

In his petition, Saheed, a businessman and a resident of Olounsogo-Ona area of Ibadan,  said that his wife was threatening his life and had perfected plans to kill him.

He said: “As a businessman, I discovered that my business was failing without any concrete reason.

“My N200, 000 and other valuables suddenly got missing recently and my business partners who saw Rashidat informed me that they caught her stealing them.

“ Even worse, Rashidat got me arrested and I was locked up by the police.

“When it became crystal clear to her that I was no longer continuing with her in our marital journey, Rashidat decided to go and plant a fetish object in my shop.

“Just few days ago, she sent a text message cursing and threatening me with sudden death. In fact, my lord, Rashidat is here today to cast a spell on me as she’s here with some charms.

“She is also threatening to snuff the life out of my newly married wife, please, save my life from Rashidat’s evil intention.’’

Rashidat who opposed divorce, however, admitted threatening her husband’s life.

She told the court that Saheed had been irresponsible.

Rashidat, a trader,  testified that she cursed her husband in the text message she sent to him because he refused to provide for the needs of their two children.

“My lord, I did not plant any fetish object in Saheed’s shop,” Rashidat said.

There was mild drama when Rashidat was asked to respond to the allegation of bringing charms to court and she kept mute.

An uproar, however,  ensued in the court when the handbag which Rashidat brought into the court was searched and an earthen pot with a concoction was found in it.

Rashidat told the court that the charm was meant for her sister who was due to collect it after the court ’s sitting.



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