Lawmaker recommends centralisation of law enforcement agencies


THE Chairman, House Committee on Police Affairs, Rep. Usman Kumo (APC-Gombe), has recommended the centralisation of all law enforcement agencies under the Nigerian Police Force for effective policing in the country.

Kumo made the recommendation while interacting with journalists on Wednesday in Abuja.

Kumo, who represents Akko Federal Constituency of Gombe State, disagreed with the logic of past leader for creating many agencies to enforce law and order.

“The rate of insecurity is increasing by the day, once you do not get your police correct, you will never have a secured nation.

“Any nation in the world you see that is peaceful, check, they have gotten their policing system correct.

“Go out into the town, you will see all of them on the streets but by 6.p.m, you will see only the police.

“For me our previous leader has created many problems by proliferating institutions which should be doing one thing, policing the nation,” he said.

The lawmaker said that the proliferation of institutions calls for worry as it was better for the government to streamline and have an effective police.

Reacting to his victory at the Court of Appeal, Kumo said that he is humbled and that he gave all thanks to God for the outcome of the process.

According to him, some of us are from the middle class families, if not for the constitutional amendments, we will not have seen the light of the day.

He said that electoral process involved a lot of resources and networking but God saw him through, saying that he was happy with the judgment.

The lawmaker said that there ”is hope for future generations and that he was ready to work for the less privileged”.

Kumo said that the amendment of the constitution particularly the first alteration,  had raised the sanctity and efficiency of the Judiciary.

He said that first alteration provided 180 days for elections cases to be dispensed with, 60 days for appeal and 14 days to file the notice of appeal.

Kumo said that the alteration had made judges to be more serious as there was limited time to deliver judgment.

“We give kudos to the Executive for sponsoring the bill, we give kudos to the Legislature for passing the bill and the Judiciary for implementing the first alteration,” he said.

The legislator said that the bone of contention was about the waiver given to him by the APC to fly the party’s flag eight months after joining the party.

He, however, said that he would extend a hand of friendship to his opponent to join hands with him to deliver the dividend of democracy for his constituency.


– Sept. 11, 2019 @ 18:10 GMT |

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