Kaduna Tremor: Earthquake Likely in Nigeria, Senate Warns



THE Senate has called on the National Emergency Management Agency and other relevant government agencies to begin to take proactive measures on the repeated earth tremor in some parts of Kaduna State. The measures, the Senate said, included educating Nigerians on what to expect and how to react when tremor occurs.

While adopting a three-prayer motion sponsored by Senator Danjuma La’ah (APC, Kaduna-South) titled ‘Earth Tremor and the Preparedness of Nigeria to Deal with its Intending Consequences,’ the Senate urged all stakeholders to take the earth tremor being recorded in parts of the country seriously.

The lawmakers also urged NEMA and security agencies to intervene through public enlightenment and drills to be prepared, saying minimal resources would be required at the warning stage. The Senate mandated the Committee on Environment and Solid Minerals to make a fact-finding tour of the affected communities and report to the chamber.

La’ah, while moving his motion, stated that he was saddened that the tremor had left in its trail a traumatic experience to the inhabitants of Kwoi and its environs. He added that the tremor had also caused serious cracks in buildings, thereby making their habitation fearful and dangerous.

The Senator recalled that the first widely reported occurrence of an earth tremor in Nigeria was in 1933. He said other tremors were reported in 1939,1964, 1984, 1990, 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2006.

La’ah further recalled that following the tremor that occurred on September 11, 2009 which was recorded in Oyo and other parts of the South-West and with the recent ones in Bayelsa and Kaduna states, researchers had warned that the incidences were signs that Nigeria was no longer immune to earthquake.

According to the senator, the Lagos-Ibadan-Ijebu-Ode fault system was another belt where an earth tremor was witnessed in July and August 1984, stressing that these fault system could serve as a zone of weakness for the propagation of shocks from far away plate boundaries. – Punch

—  Sep 27, 2016 @ 19:35 GMT


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