Lagos bye-elections: NRM ready to challenge APC, PDP – Chairperson

Temilola Akinade, the Chairperson, National Rescue Movement (NRM) Lagos State.

The National Rescue Movement (NRM) in Lagos State says it will shake both the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the main opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Oct. 31 bye-elections.

The Lagos State Chairperson of NRM, Mrs Temilola Akinade, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos that residents of the Lagos East Senatorial District were already tired of both parties, having failed to rescue them from sufferings.

Akinade, however, urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), security agencies and other stakeholders to provide a level playing ground for all political parties and candidates in the elections.

“For now, what we are expecting from the INEC and all the stakeholders in Lagos State is a free and fair election.

“This can only be done if all political parties are given a level playing ground. APC believes that nobody can shake them, we want to make the difference.

“Despite being only two months old in Lagos state, we can still make some impacts; we are really working toward that.

“Many people believe that only APC and PDP can stand a chance in the election, but we want to show them that people are tired of them already.

“We want to show people that we can do it and we are very optimistic,’’ she said.

According to her, the NRM cannot be bought over the same way the ruling party allegedly bought over opposition parties in the state during elections.

“The ruling party in Lagos state has always believed that anytime there is an election, all they needed to do is to buy candidates of other political parties by calling the chairmen or chairpersons of such parties. They come to ask these parties for assistance in exchange for some amount of money.

“Many opposition parties sell their votes in this scenario on many occasions. But, the National Rescue Movement will not do that. We want to go into the election and we want a level playing ground.’’

The chairperson urged INEC and security agencies to allow every party to show its strength in a credible and violent-free election.

She, however, admitted that NRM might not be positioned to win this time around, but to let APC and PDP know that they can be shaken.

Akinade said that the party had been doing media and door-to-door campaigns and it would roll out posters and begin massive campaigns by the end of the week.

“So, with the help of God and the support of our people, we can shake APC and PDP, we believe we can shake them,’’ she added.

The bye-elections became necessary following the death of occupants of Lagos East Senatorial seat and that the Kosofe Constituency II, Lagos State House of Assembly, who were both members of APC. (NAN)

– Oct. 5, 2020 @ 16:59 GMT |The National Rescue Movement (NRM) in Lagos State says it will shake both the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and

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