Make-Up As A Booming Business

A make-up artist at work

Fashion conscious women have made make-up artistry a booming business in Nigeria

By Chinwe Okafor  |  Aug. 25, 2014 @ 01:00 GMT

ADAEZE Mba, a graduate of estate management, is one of those women who strongly believe in make-ups. For this reason, she is never in a haste whenever she is making-up to attend any event. Before leaving for any event, she takes her time to stand before a mirror to apply powder-foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and other beauty products on her face. She believes that her make-up is what brings out her beauty and gives her confidence.

According to her, make-up is the whole idea of her good looks. To her, a day without make-up is like a day without the sun. Wearing make-ups makes her look younger, beautiful and very attractive to her opposite sex. ‘‘I do think that people treat me differently when I’m on make-ups because I’m usually very attractive. I like to draw attention to my big brown eyes and just feel better and attractive when I do have it on. I do not apply make-up because I have to, but rather I just love to make up because it accentuates my features. It makes me feel the woman that I am,” Mba said.

For Uche Anuna, a youth corps member, doing make-up for people is her hobby. She said that her passion for make-ups made her to build an enviable career in the business. “I was just doing the business for the fun of it because of my keen passion for making up. The rapid increase of clients made me to plunge headlong into the business. People pay me good money for catching my fun and doing my hobby. I must say that it has been fun all the way.

“My clients consider me a born-make-up artist due to my expertise in the art, yet I consider myself an up-coming make-up artist. I continue to add value to myself, enlarge my business coast and continue catching my fun. The future of the make-up business is overly bright as Nigerian women are more fashion conscious now than ever, while shows, beauty pageantries, filmmaking, among other events, continue to lubricate the wheels of the business. The creativity and versatility of make-up artists are the factors that can make the business sustainable,’’ Anuna said.

Make-up items
Make-up items

But can ladies do without make-up? There is hardly any lady who does not add an artificial touch to her face, from their eyebrows down to the lips. There seems to be a general belief in social circles that it is un- womanlike for any woman to go to  a social event without make-up. It is almost impossible to look into a woman’s handbag without seeing a make-up purse with coloured eye shadows, blushers, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliners and concealers.

Priscilla Ofure, a make-up artist, believes that make-up is not just a facial art, but an entire body art. It elevates the woman and gives a total transformation to her looks if done properly by a professional. She advised against make-ups being applied carelessly. Rather, it should be approached with all the seriousness it deserves and with specific attention to details. There are different kinds of make-ups appropriate for day time and also for the night. Many ladies do not know the difference and that is why they end up looking too loud on make-ups.

Wilson Adindu, an event manager, said he likes to see women wear make-ups because that’s what makes them women. “Make-up is meant to enhance their beauty and give them a stunning look. I love to see my wife apply make-up to her face. It makes me proud of her beauty,” he said. Whereas Adindu loves women with make-ups, it is not same with, Elochukwu Ebere, a banker. He said he cannot allow his wife to make-up because it will make her look like a drama queen. I told her that if she wants to be seen around me in the public, she must not apply any make-up aside a lip balm and white powder. I am not totally against make-ups but it should be applied moderately,” he said.

Some ladies who desire expert make-up but are unskilled in the art have found a remedy. They now use the services of professionals who know the kind of make-ups that fit different skin tones and facial features. Uche Ughammadu, a professional make-up artist with Kristabels Beauty Home located in Delta State, said the service of a professional make-up artist is particularly necessary when attending an important occassion. “A lot of women have little knowledge about make-ups; so it is very necessary that they consult trained cosmetologists, those who know the kind of look that fits an occasion,” she said.

Make-up artistry, according to her, is now a booming and  profitable business venture because the  artist can make up to N30, 000 and above from one event especially wedding depending on the quality of service he or she renders and the class of his or her clients. She also said that those who are into the sale of make-up items are also in good business.


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