Low Hair Cut by Women

Low Hair Cut is gaining popularity among Nigerian women for various reasons. While some see it as the style in vogue others take to it as a matter of convenience

|  By Chinwe Okafor  |  Dec. 9, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT

THE hair is commonly referred to as the pride and crown of a woman because it enhances her beauty and appearance. It, especially, crowns a woman’s essence because not every woman is physically beautiful, but almost all women have the ability to grow long feminine hair, something which is not only rewarded, but also encouraged by men. Women feel attractive, sexy, playful, young and vibrant with their hairs because a beautiful hair makes even the plainest woman instantly more attractive to men. Thus, they spend money on hair kits containing relaxers, conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes among others.

But today, rather than wear long curls, many women now prefer to wear different types of haircut. The common ones among them are the skin cut, normal low cut and a popular one generally known as Anita Baker. These low cuts are not only cheap to do; it can be done by anybody with little or no professional touch. ‘I cut my hair in any hair salon, it does not need any expertise,’ said Tola Adewale, a banker. Nonso Osike, a barber in Festac town, who has been in the profession for long said that recently, many women have visited his shop to have low hair cut. According to him, low hair cut makes them look unique and classy.

Adaobi  Chukwuma, a part-time student of Lagos State University, LASU, said she prefers to cut her hair because it makes her look younger, classy and fashionable. Besides, the hot weather condition forces some women to cut their hair. She said: ‘The heat right now is much and I am sure many ladies will cut the hair because nobody wants any hair falling on her shoulder.’

Sopuluchi Nwadiugwu, a corps member has an Anita Baker hair cut. She said though hair is popularly seen as the beauty of a woman, she decided to have an Anita Baker cut because that is the style in vogue. “It’s fashionable, I love it and I enjoy wearing it, but it does not stop me from making other hairstyles because it’s not a skin cut,” she said. But fashion is not the only reason why women cut their hair. The prevailing economic situation at present also compels most women to cut their hair.

Beauty Onyeachonam, a middle aged woman, thinks it’s cheaper to keep a low hair cut because it’s easy to maintain. According to her, the cost of doing it is very cheap when compared to other forms of hair do by women. Ageing is also a reason why some women cut their hair because as they grow older, they get tired of keeping their hair. Maureen Okolie, a teacher who is in her mid-fifties, said she decided to cut her hair because it makes her look younger and relieves her of the stress of having to deal with hair washing and styling. “Low cut is perfect for ageing women,” she explained.

But not everyone shares the aesthetic value of a low cut hair do, Kristabel Obiora, a beautician,  said she doesn’t like the idea of going on low cut hair do.  She said that a woman’s hair represents femininity and depicts her beauty. ‘A woman’s self-esteem and magnificent look can only be seen through her gorgeously displayed hair; her emotions are more closely linked to her hair than any other part of her body. When a woman cuts off her hair, she is effectively cutting men off from her side because the beauty, attraction and love men see in her are also cut off.’ According to her, men are usually more sexually attracted to women with long hair.

Ifeanyi Eze, a civil servant, said that a beautiful long hair is one of the things that attract most men to any woman. “I personally love women with long hair. I can’t let my wife go on low hair cut do,” he said. In many societies in Nigeria, a woman’s hair is seen as a gift from God and a natural endowment that shouldn’t be tampered with. In some Nigerian cultures, women are only allowed to cut their hair when they have lost a relative or husband. In that circumstance, low hair cut signifies mourning. But soon after the mourning period is over, the woman must allow her hair to grow back to full length.

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  1. Women going low cut is good as it makes them look young out-wardly but there is a belief that most of them turn out to be very hash and unfriedly most especially when they are at the helm of affairs. Checkout the low cut Teachers . Directors and others who waer low cut.

  2. I love women with low hair do or hair cut. It makes them look much younger and smarter. Lets encourage it as it also give them opportunity of cooling their heads during bathing.
    Ogbiti, Paulinus

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