Malaysia to extend anti-virus lockdown to mid-April

Muhyiddin Yassin 
Muhyiddin Yassin 

MALAYSIAN restrictions to try slow a recent spike in coronavirus cases will run until mid-April, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said on Wednesday.

“The trend [of new infections] is expected to continue for a while before new cases begin to subside,” Muhyiddin said, announcing that curbs on travel and business operations imposed a week before will be extended to April 14.

Earlier on Wednesday, Malaysia’s Health Ministry stated that a 17th person had died after contracting Covid-19, the respiratory diseases caused by the new coronavirus pandemic that has killed almost 19,000 worldwide.

Around 1,000 of Malaysia’s 1,624 virus infections have been traced to an Islamic ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur in late February, during a week of political tumult in Malaysia – which was then without a government after former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad resigned on Feb. 24.

Muhyiddin, Mahathir’s successor, announced on March 16 that Malaysia would go into lockdown to try stemming the wave of infection.

The government banned tourists from entering and Malaysians from leaving the country, as well as telling people to “duduk Rumah,” or “stay at home,” with movement limited to errands for essentials such as groceries or commuting to work.

Muhydiddin stated on Wednesday that “more than 95 percent of people have complied” with the restrictions, though police stated separately that 110 people had been arrested for infractions. (dpa/NAN)

– Mar. 25, 2020 @ 11:25 GMT |

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