Malian Ex-President Keita returns from UAE after medical treatment – Reports


FORMER Malian President Ibrahim Keita has arrived in Bamako, the capital of Mali, from the United Arab Emirates after receiving medical assistance, local media reported on Thursday.

Keita might possibly go back again if health issues persist, media added.

Keita was flown to the UAE in early September after suffering a stroke.

Shortly before that, his government was toppled by a military uprising.

A Malian military source said that the ex-president received a permit from the new authorities to leave the country and seek medical assistance abroad.

“Keita has undergone medical examinations in the United Arab Emirates. Today one can say that he is doing well.

“But it is possible that he will return there for further checks,” L’Essor, a Bamako state-run newspaper, reported, citing a source with knowledge of the matter.

Keita was initially hospitalised in a private clinic in Bamako on Sept. 2. Prior to that, the ex-Malian president spent some time in custody of the military, who had seized the power in mid-August and forced him to resign.

The mutiny was preceded by months of mass protests against the former president, in particular, over his inability to curb the insurgency which has disrupted life in Mali’s North and other parts of the Sahel region since 2011.

The military came to power and established the National Committee for the Salvation of the People to carry out the sought-for changes and political reforms.

A transitional government was formed, led by former defence minister Bah N’Daou as president, while mutiny leader Assimi Goita was appointed the vice president and former foreign minister Moctar Ouane the new prime minister.

The transitional government will be in power for 18 months until new elections are held.


– Oct. 22, 2020 @ 12:45 GMT |

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