Kalu Idika Kalu

Kalu Idika Kalu


Kalu Idika Kalu, economist, former minister of finance, 75, October 14. He was educated at Kings College, Lagos, 1954-1960; University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, 1961-1964; 1964-1965 and 1971-1972. He was appointed research fellow and lecturer, Economic Development Institute, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, 1966-1970; research fellow, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin, USA, 1971-1972; Economist, Department of East Asia Programme, World Bank, Washington DC, USA, and country economist, World Bank Project in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, 1972-1980; head economist, Skoup and Company Limited, Lagos and Enugu, 1980-1984; commissioner for finance and economic planning, Imo State, 1984-1985; appointed minister of finance, 1985-1986; minister of national planning, 1986-1987 and minister of transport, 1987-1989.

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