Miracle Ayanfe announces release of 2 business books – Ai Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies

Ai Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs
Ai Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

TWO new books, Ai Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies, written by Miracle Ayanfe is set to be launched on 10th December 2019 at the International Conference Centre Abuja. Both books feature 32 packed chapters and come with a range of resources that can help business owners, managers and innovators seize opportunities associated with 21st-century digital marketing to grow their businesses.

Ai Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs  – https://thebig4online.com/about-the-book/
The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies – https://thebig4online.com/about-the-big4-book/

While Ai Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs illustrates how to use Artificial intelligence and social media channels to develop a strategy that is workable, dynamic and actionable in order to grow a business globally, The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies focuses on helping entrepreneurs understand and implement business models, Philosophies, Lessons and strategies used by four of the world’s largest TRILLION-Dollar Companies – Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Both thoroughly researched titles are practical, highly-educational and inspiring. Some of the topics covered in the books include the use of Artificial Intelligence in business, Social Media marketing, business plan writing, application of search engine algorithms in business development, etc.

The books will be available for purchase on www.thebig4online.com and at all major bookstores in Nigeria.

Ayanfe’s Book, Ai Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs explains that using Artificial Intelligence in business helps remove the occurrence of human errors like delay, biased approach, and other petty errors. It also reveals that contrary to the popular misconception that Artificial Intelligence is just for companies with billion-dollar budgets, startups in developing countries like Nigeria can take advantage of it to grow their businesses rapidly.

In a recent interview, Ayanfe stated, “Both books have a clear purpose to help business owners, managers and innovators transform their businesses digitally by implementing the same innovative ideas and strategies used by the biggest companies in the world.”

Miracle Ayanfe has an MBA from the prestigious Middlesex University Business School London. She is a successful Management Analysis Consultant and a Senior Digital leader.

Her focus is on small and medium sized enterprises advising and training clients on sustainable business practices and analytics.
A visionary leader, Miracle provides consultancy and training in the areas of Digital Marketing, Sustainable Business Practices and Analytics.
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