NAN MD challenges management staff on strict supervision

MALAM Ali Muhammad Ali, the Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), has emphasised the need for strict supervision of workers to boost efficiency.

“We have to set targets we must meet. We have to rebrand NAN.

“My vision is clear, and I have tried to give a clear picture of what I want NAN to be. We expect strict supervision so that we can achieve set goals,” he said on Thursday at a meeting with management staff of the Lagos Directorate of the agency.

He said that he would hold the supervisors responsible for the conduct of those under them.

Ali noted that NAN has huge potential and challenged the workers to step up their game to attain greater heights.

He urged heads of departments and units to set performance targets for those placed under them.

“It is based on these targets that we can assess our workers.

“Each year, supervisors assess their workers. Sometimes, you see superlatives, but if you check productivity, it could be zero,” he said.

He promised to work out more training opportunities to enhance performance, especially for members of the editorial department.

He also promised to look into the request for more tools to boost performance.

He particularly emphasised the need for NAN Reporters to remember the agency’s cardinal focus on speed and accuracy in their reportage.

“It is the speed and accuracy that give the edge. Our Reporters must keep this in mind when handling our copies,” he said.

He also promised to reward hard work while indolence would be sanctioned.

Ali added that the Rewards and Sanctions Committee would be revived so that workers would get the appropriate rewards for their actions.

Ali said that he had been inundated with requests requiring a lot of money and explained that management was looking at more avenues to source for funds.

He urged NAN workers to bring up ideas to improve the agency’s services and finances, saying that he would run an open administration that would carry everyone along.

Ali also emphasised the need for exclusive stories and features so as to boost the quality of NAN’s news content.

He promised to offer special incentives for marketers, urging them to work harder to provide NAN the funds to meet pressing needs.

“The era of sole dependence on subventions is gone. We must all wake up to this hard truth,” he said.



November 2, 2023 @ 15:27 GMT|