NCPC boss urges Nigerians to be true nationalists

Rev Yakubu Pam

The Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev. Yakubu Pam, has charged Nigerians to be true nationalists and begin to think deeply about the nation.

Pam, who said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, stressed that there was urgent need to rebuild the country positively with the entire platform that was available.

The clergyman said that nationalism was learnt from the grassroots and its application extended to everything that the citizen could do in any situation to advance the cause and interest of the country. ”Starting from our little community we can start to address critical issues.

“Lack of grassroots leaders has brought up very big national disasters because when issues are not addressed at the grassroots level they become greater national disasters.

”All leaders should use their platforms positively so as not to allow opportunities for crisis at any level.’’

In reference to the recent protests by the youth of the country, Pam said that every grievance should be expressed in very modest ways that would not destroy the unity and peace of the nation. ”The youth are the leaders of this country, the present leaders are already on their way out and the youth will take over.

“Taking over means they must build very good characters to enable hem to take over. I think the youth have a lot of hope. Once you have hope, you should be able to be patient and resolve within yourself to be a solution rather than a problem.

”Hope brings good plan for the future. I think what they (the youth) need now, instead of protest and anger, is planning. They need to synergise, come together, and plan for tomorrow. I think that is all.

”Anger is a spirit that can lead only to destruction. If they apply anger in all that they do, I think they will destroy this country in a short time,” he said.

Pam, however, urged the government to go back to the drawing board noting that a lot of reforms were needed in the government as well as a new approach to chat a better course.

”We cannot just have one approach that we apply whenever there is a problem. This is time for us to develop a new approach to tackling insecurity in the country. We need to start by assessing the security situation and finding the best way to tackle it,” he said. (NAN)

– Nov. 2, 2020 @ 14:25 GMT |

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