Nepal bans popular online survival game over ‘psychological impacts’


Nepal banned a popular online survival game after parents expressed concerns that it was having negative psychological impacts on children and teens.
Internet service providers were directed to block “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,’’ often called by its acronym PUBG, said Sandip Adhikari, a spokesman for the Nepal Telecommunications Authority.
Nepal’s neighbour India has also mulled a ban following the suicide of a 16-year-old boy who was reportedly scolded by his mother for wasting his time online.
When the game was developed in 2017 by PUBG Corp, a South Korean company, the game could be played on desktops, consoles and smartphones.
Some 100 players land in one place, such as an island, and engage in a battle to the death.
The last surviving player wins the game.
Nepalese parents told local media their children were displaying violent behaviours.
“Parents had filed a petition at a district court seeking a ban.
“The court ordered police to consult psychologists, who recommended a ban because it was having negative psychological impacts on children and teenagers,’’ Adhikari told dpa of the decision.
The company has not commented on the ban. (dpa/NAN)




-Apr. 12, 2019 @ 10:50 GMT |

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