Why Police Arrested John Fashanu

John Fashanu


NIGERIA Police on Saturday, May 30, arrested John Fashanu, former England and Wimbledon striker after discovering an unlicensed gun in his apartment in Abuja. About 20 policemen raided the soccer star’s 20-room mansion with a search warrant and seized the gun, believed to be capable of firing up to 30 rounds, as well as five passports before taking him to the station for questioning, which lasted for more than six hours.

But Fashuna denied that he was arrested by the police. He told Daily Mirror that he went to the police station voluntarily. “I was not arrested. I went to the police station voluntarily. I’ll go back tomorrow morning to the police station. I expect to pay a fine. It was an old fashioned firearm. I don’t actually know what model it is – it’s like a stub gun,” he said.

Fashanu is currently in a bitter divorce with his estranged wife Abigail, whom he claimed called the police in revenge for his ending their marriage.

— Jun 15, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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