News reports about mass grave site discovered in Anambra state is misleading – Commission

THE Truth, Justice and Peace Commission has said that its attention has been drawn to certain misleading news reports pertaining to the mass grave site in Anambra State, the existence of which was brought to light in the course of the Commission’s second phase of public hearings which took place from October- November 2023.

The Commission said in a statement that the number of bodies contained within this site was yet to be ascertained, and could only be known after a painstaking process of forensic investigation, “hence the site has been sealed off”. 

According to the statement, 322 bodies were NOT recovered from this grave site, as has been erroneously reported by some sections of the media.

“This figure represents the number of persons verified as killed or dead as a result of violence within Anambra State, as testified by witnesses who came before the Commission during this phase of its proceedings. 

It also needs to be stressed that many persons remain yet unaccounted for with 18 persons categorically identified as missing or disappeared,: it said. 

The Commission urged all those whose relatives, loved ones or friends are missing till date, to file a report with the newly established Bureau of Missing Persons, BMP, which is domiciled within the Ministry of Justice, Anambra State.

“In the light of these developments, the Commission therefore calls upon news agencies to verify news reports prior to dissemination so as to ensure that the public is accurately and properly informed at all times,” the statement by Amb. Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu, Secretary of the Commission said.


-Nov. 17, 2023 @ 16:27 GMT |