Amanze Obi's new book for presentation

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Amanze Obi's new book, SCENTS OF POWER
A new book entitled SCENTS OF POWER written by frontline journalist and notable columnist, Dr Amanze Obi, is to be presented to the public soon. The book presentation is scheduled for  October 12, at Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre, Abuja.
According to the author, the book is a peep through the multiple doors that he has passed in his triple engagements as a scholar, journalist and public servant. The emphasis is on his multi-faceted experiences with men of power and influence.
The account is a product of history. Guided by historical actuality, the author focuses on factuality, authenticity and the true value of knowledge in his reflections about the past. There is no myth or legend in the book. What we have is living history. The outcome is a historical narrative that pieces together the rudiments of yesterday and converts them into raw materials for present engagement. The blend is uncommon. It exemplifies and highlights the eclectic bent of the author as an accomplished raconteur.
His adoption of the historical approach in his narrative is significant. It has helped to identify the author as an artist with a significant past and a predisposition to write in a certain manner. This knowledge enables the reader to ascertain how the book reflects the historical forces that shaped it. But the narrative goes beyond the author's personal encounters. It is imbued with a universal appeal that makes the account not just the author's story, but everyone's story.
The governor of Kano State, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, who wrote the FOREWORD to the book, notes that “Amanze Obi is a journalist that has traversed the media landscape and made his imprint in many national dailies; his opinion has found favour in the public domain, adding value to the papers' image and economics. He got a chance to walk his talk when he got appointed to serve as a commissioner on two occasions. His claim therefore that he only scented power is very modest, to say the least; he tasted power. The title of this book therefore should have been Taste of Power. I do believe that this autobiography will conscript many journalists into his journey, enabling them to carve their paths along the lines of professionalism, patriotism and activism.”
The public presentation which will be graced by high-profile personalities from various walks of life will be chaired by former President of the Senate, Anyim Pius Anyim. The Governor of Kano State, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, will be the Chief Guest of Honour while his Bauchi State counterpart, Senator Bala Mohammed will be the Guest Speaker.

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