World Thrombosis Day: Consultant cautions against excessive alcohol consumption, sitting in one position

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 AS the globe marks 2021 World Thrombosis Day, Dr Kingsley Akaba, Chief Consultant Haematologist, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), has cautioned against excessive alcohol consumption, sitting in one position.

He gave the warning in Calabar on Wednesday at an event to celebrate the day, annually marked on Oct. 13 to raise awareness on the health condition.

Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot known as a Thrombus which stays in blood vessels. The clot can block veins and arteries. The symptoms can include pain, numbness, swelling in one leg and chest pain and if ignored, may lead to heatstroke.

There are mainly two types of thrombosis namely Arterial thrombosis and Venous thrombosis.

The World Thrombosis Day is celebrated to increase awareness on risk factors, signs, symptoms and treatment, thereby leading to reduce death and disability caused by the condition.

The consultant hematologist, who described thrombosis as a silent killer, stressed the need for increased awareness and advocacy, adding that “World Health Organisation and International Society for Thrombosis said that mortality from thrombosis is annually over 10 million globally.

“In Nigeria, it is estimated that about 200,000 die from thrombosis annually, while in Cross River, statistics figures puts it at 941 deaths annually.

“Thrombosis is caused by blood clots and this could be triggered by any inflammatory condition like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, sickle cell and other conditions.

“If a patient is not properly accessed by a qualified physician, the risk of developing this blood clot which can kill faster is inevitable.’’

Akaba explained that the occasion to mark World Thrombosis Day was the first held in the state, noting that awareness and advocacy would continue through various media platforms.

He said that the advocacy would also help physicians to develop the need assessment tool that would be used to access patients, with a view to preventing the condition.

He added that “to prevent thrombosis, people must shun excessive consumption of alcohol, oversleeping, sitting in one position for hours, and smoking.’’

He encouraged regular exercise with a view to making the body flexible.

Prof. Anietimfon Etiuma, a Cardiovascular Surgeon at UCTH, advised the public to always go for regular check-ups in the hospital.

According to him, accident patients, cancer patients, pregnant women and diabetic patients were at high risk of having thrombosis.

“It is important for people to do regular exercise. I am advocating that whenever someone is sick, he or she should get better medical care from a qualified medical practitioner.’’ (NAN) 

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