VC tasks intellectuals on advancing innovative technology

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Caleb University, Imota

VICE-Chancellor of Caleb University, Imota, Lagos State, Prof. Nosa Owens-Ibie, on Wednesday called  on intellectuals to regularly acquire more knowledge  that would enable  Nigeria to lead in innovative technology.

The vice-chancellor made the call at the 2021 Caleb University International Conference held in Lagos with the theme: ‘Future Forward: Distruptive Innovations; What Next?’

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the conference  held on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27 with participants from different disciplines discussing the way forward for Nigeria’s economy.

He said that intellectuals should do things differently to achieve better results and remain relevant in an evolving world.

The vice-chancellor said that such results would reposition Nigeria and Africa.

“We are dealing with a reality that things are no more normal anywhere; even what is not normal is further disrupted on a daily basis.

“For instance, what we use to generate wealth has changed, some of them permanently to an age of technological determinism.

“This conference will help all of us as individuals or corporate entities to focus on the fact that if you are rejoicing in only what you know in a world where knowledge is rapidly evolving, then you need to think again.

“For you to remain relevant, you must be ready to show that you are different,” he said.

Prof. Muritala Awodun of Crown Hill University, Eiyenkoein, Kwara, urged individuals to create values within their societies.

Awodun advised Nigerians to engage in entrepreneurship to generate values such as creation of innovative technologies.

“Nigerians should not wait for governments before they can be productive. Everybody should make himself a vessel of change to ensure development in the country,” he said.

Mrs Ifedolapo Ademosu, a lecturer in  the Department of Mass Communication, Caleb University, urged individuals to proffer sustainable solutions that would move Nigeria forward.

Ademosu said that Nigerians should leverage local knowledge in solving local problems at the local level due to  different socio-cultural dimensions.

He added that intellectuals should suggest solutions to governments.

She advised governments to engage people at the local level who would be ready to make a difference.

“We should begin to look at problems in a different way to choose sustainable development across board, not just from the human point of view, but from what we can do to address the problems, ” she said.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Caleb University , Prof. Adedeji Daramola, said the essence of the conference was to brainstorm and bring out ideas on how participants can run a common front to address challenges.

” We are launching out to bring creative ideas to break limitations in Africa. People thought Africa is backward but most  African nations are leading in the exomic global level,” he said.

Also, Dr Abayomi Alaka, a part-time lecturer, urged tertiary institutions to embrace new technologies that would ensure uninterrupted  quality teaching and learning.

Alaka appealed to governments to allocate more funds for education.

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