EU, U.S. ‘urgently request’ access to ousted Sudanese premier

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European Union

THE European Union (EU), United States (U.S.), and other countries are urgently requesting a meeting with Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok, who was ousted during Sudan’s military coup this week.
Hamdok has returned to his home under heavy guard, according to his staff.
In a joint statement released by the countries’ Embassies in Sudan, diplomats said it is paramount for the ambassadors based in Khartoum, to be able to communicate with the prime minister.
“We therefore urgently request to be able to meet with the prime minister.’’
Repeating calls for unhindered humanitarian access to Sudan during the political turmoil, the joint statement called on security forces and other armed elements to “refrain from violent attacks” and for peaceful protestors to be protected.
The military coup on Monday came after many weeks of protests and political crisis in the East African country.
Hamdok had led a transitional government together with military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan since August 2019 after Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s strongman leader for 30 years, was removed from power in a separate coup following months of mass protest.

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