Re: The Igbo grander wrongheaded plea for Kanu's release - A rejoinder 

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

By Professor Echefuna' R.G. Onyebeadi


THE article of Chudi Okoye of Awka Times captioned: “The Igbo Grandees’ Wrongheaded Plea for Kanu’s Release”  looks well articulated and well written but grossly misplaced!

First, the people he referred to as “grandees” didn’t go to Mr. President to seek for pardon or “forgiveness” for MNK (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) but, to ask for the UNCONDITIONAL release of MNK to the leader of their team, a 93 years old only surviving First Republic Minister and one of the founding fathers modern Nigeria.

MNK’s UNCONDITIONAL release, I think, will also save the Major-General Muhammadu Buhari’s regime impending embarrassment in International jurisprudence for extraordinary rendition.

Therefore, the calculated intervention of the so styled “grandees” would indeed be a win – win situation for all the parties involved if heeded.

So, how does this smart move of Ndigbo Elders undermine “IPOB’s revolutionary agenda” (whatever that means) and “the larger geopolitical interest of Igbo people”?

There is no basis for comparison of MNK’s situation now with that of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. No basis!

Mandela was ‘tried’ and ‘jailed’ but MNK isn’t.

Mandela was serving a prison term after “conviction” but, MNK isn’t.

MNK was extraordinarily “kidnapped”, “drugged” and “freighted” from a foreign land to Nigeria against all known International laws and protocols. Mandela was not!

The “grandees” never asked for Mr. President’s interference with the judicial process because it wasn’t a judicial process that brought MNK to his present state. So, in effect, all the legal and constitutional jargons adduced by Chudi Okoye in his article essentially becomes a non sequitur ab initio and illogical.

In fact Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide under the present leadership of Ambassador Professor George Obiozor, had asked for a speedy, open and fair trial of MNK to which this regime of Major-General Muhammadu Buhari has seemingly if not deliberately refused, neglected and/or failed to commence, going by the recurrent long adjournments of the taunted “trial” to the extent of even denying MNK access to his legal team both within and outside the court while still holding MNK in custody.

After all, is justice delayed not justice denied?

Mustn’t he that goes to equity do so with clean hands?

Not few people cried foul of the ongoing manipulations of judicial processes of perverting justice thus leading to the suggestion of a “political solution”!

Then, what could be more “political solution” than the smart intervention of the Igbo Elders in the circumstance?

If the Elders had kept quiet in the face of tyranny and obvious extraordinary rendition of MNK, tendency is that, they will be accused of abandoning their son if not a grandson at a crucial moment of need and at a trying time!

Now that the Elders have stepped out to demand the immediate unconditional release of their son to them, the least any rational being should/could do in the circumstance is to commend their bold step; not condemnation!

I really wonder what the said Chudi Okoye means by “IPOB’s revolutionary quest” that could be compromised by the legitimate visit of the Ndigbo Elders to Mr. President to demand for an UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE of their incarcerated son to them!

It is also inconceivable that the genuine peace and reconciliation intervention of the Ndigbo Elders could compromise the legitimate yearnings for a Nigerian President of South East extraction come 2023.

On the contrary, the Elders’ intervention could enhance the negotiations power of Ndigbo and further justify the clamour for a President of South East extraction come 2023.

By the way, what “revolution” is Chudi Okoye talking about?

Somehow, the way people manipulate and twist grammar to justify a predetermined position even if illogical is really amazing!

Assuming but not necessarily conceding that what Chudi Okoye wrote in his article under reference are all correct, why must it be an Igbo man that should justify and/or furnish the tormentors of another Igbo man with the weapons of annihilation?

To the best of my knowledge, Ndigbo are not against MNK having his time in court following due process if there is a genuine case against him. But, if an interested party has used extra judicial means to kidnap and incarcerate a person, what is wrong in demanding that the same extra judicial means be used also free the person?

To the best of my knowledge, Ndigbo Elders are not saying that MNK is totally correct in his methodology and approach to issues but, does it make any sense to “correct” a wrong with another wrong?

To the best of my knowledge, Ndigbo Elder haven’t  ever “conceded anything in their demand for equal citizenship and opportunity in the firmament of Nigerian politics.”

May peace and progress reign in our country Nigeria.

Let unity of purpose anchored on Equity, Fairness and Justice prevail in Nigeria.

***Professor Echefuna’ R. G. ONYEBEADI

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