Sexual harassment happens everywhere – Georgina Ibeh

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Georgina Ibeh

FOR curvy Nollywood actress, Georgina Ibeh, sexual harassment takes place everywhere and not restricted to only the Nigerian entertainment sector.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the Imo State indigene and one of the most sought-after faces on TV, said, “Sexual harassment is everywhere; it’s in churches, schools, offices and entertainment sector, so why not our movie world? For me, it is all about your ability to avoid all sorts and stay hopeful, believing that your hustle must pay off one day. As long as you know what you are doing, know your act and stick to it.”

With the right curves at the right places, Georgina Ibeh says she’s indifferent when it comes to liposuction. Asked if she would someday go under the knife to achieve a banging body, the Bad Wife Material actress said, “I believe those who go for liposuction do it for their personal reasons. I am indifferent to it. If liposuction makes you feel comfortable with yourself, why not? Do what makes you happy, make your mistakes and rise again. I’m beautifully made, very cool and talented. My selling point is my one-sided dimple.”


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