Men want to have taste of me because of my sex show –Yinka TNT, singer/presenter

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Yinka Ayanda

SINGER, songwriter and presenter, Yinka Ayanda a.k.a Yinka TNT, is frank to a fault. She’s neither pretentious nor flamboyant with words. To her, a spade is simply a spade and shouldn’t be called by any other name.

The London-based former air hostess at Arik Air is also a matchmaker who continues to make waves with her sexually explicit music and Yinka TNT programme on social media. 

According to Yinka, what makes her music and Internet programme tick is her being a realist. “Nigerians are too hypocritical and sentimental when it comes to sex. I am a realist, I don’t pretend. So, my refusal to call male and female sex organs other names than their real names, and the zeal to liberate people from cultural bondage inspired me to start Yinka TNT programme,” she said.

In her characteristic frankness, Yinka bared it all in this rare interview. Without mincing words, she opened up on her music, relationship, matchmaking, sex, religion and other issues. Please enjoy it.  

You started with gospel and then metamorphosed to African contemporary music, why did you switch to the kind of St. Janets sexually explicit music you now do?

I started music as a church choir, but professionally, I started music singing African contemporary songs. What informed my sexually explicit music are my belief in reality and hatred for hypocrisy, most especially when it comes to sex.

What inspired your sex programme aired on Yinka TNT channel on Facebook/YouTube?

You will agree with me that we all like to f…k or have sex; I believe penis is penis and breast is breast, so don’t shy away from calling them their real names. No white man would call penis or breast or even virgina any other name. Nigerians are too hypocritical and sentimental when it comes to sex. I am a realist, I don’t pretend. So, my refusal to call male and female sex organs other names than their real names, and the zeal to liberate people from cultural bondage inspired me to start Yinka TNT programme.

You started music from the church and even rose to become your church’s choir leader. Now, how do we reconcile your religious background with your sex programme on social media?

I became the choir leader at some point when the choirmaster travelled. For me, it was a good experience; it really built my confidence. I am a free thinker now; religion is not for me any more. I have come to realise that having a good relationship with my creator (Olodumare) surpasses any religion.

What feedback do you normally get about your sexually explicit music and videos?

I get more positive feedback and constructive criticisms now compared to when I first started.

With the kind of sex programme you do on social media, have you ever been sexually harassed or had any experience of men wanting to take advantage of you?

I get passes from men on daily basis. They all just want to have a taste of me and see how I practicalise what I present on social media. However, I know how to deal with men, they are boys to me!

How do Christians and Islamic clerics respond to your sexually explicit music and TV programme?

You know what pretenders are capable of doing. They watch my programme in the corridors of their bedrooms and come out to criticise me. But I don’t care because I know they are hypocrites.

What are the reactions of your husband to your programme?

I am an entity; to me marriage is not bondage. If I die, I’ll face God and judgment alone, not with my husband. Even if I die on the same day with my husband, he will not be responsible for my deeds before God. I believe marriage should not stop anyone from achieving his or her dreams and aspirations; especially it should not stop me from doing a beneficial programme like mine. It may surprise you to know that some pastors call me ‘servant of God’ because of the programme I am doing.

To what extent has your sex programme influenced your children?

My children are grown up adults and they are very supportive. This is coupled with the fact that we live in the United Kingdom, a civilised environment where people are sex-friendly, where the word ‘sex’ is not an anathema, and where sex education is being taught in schools.

Tell us about your new programme, Shabarikolo. What’s Shabarikolo all about?

Shabarikolo means liberation or deliverance, especially for men who are sex staffed in their marriages. When a woman is too secured in her marriage, she sees sex as a luxury. Most times, she claims to be too tired and overwhelmed with daily activities hence her refusal to have sex regularly with her husband. You will agree with me that a tired person needs a helper, so a Shabarikolo will always be there to help such a woman. Widows and divorcees nursing babies will also benefit from Shabarikolo. I’ll rather encourage women in this situation to concentrate more on looking after their children than seeing themselves struggling to keep their relationships, so Shabarikolo will be their best bet.

Some people have accused you of encouraging promiscuity and adultery. How do you react to that? 

I think it’s very rude and degrading to accuse me of encouraging promiscuity and adultery. Are the people following me on social media or watching my programme not adults? If some people feel I am encouraging adults to commit adultery, then the adults are vulnerable and lack mental capacity. Therefore, such adults must be put under Mental Health Capacity Act, which means my decision to encourage them to commit promiscuity and adultery is taken in their best interest.

How do you cope being a student in the UK and also a programme presenter? 

I use my time productively and efficiently, which is the bedrock of time management. I prioritize my tasks and ensure I pay attention to details. On school days, I make sure no other work interferes and on work days, no schoolwork.

Why did you decide to go into matchmaking?

I am a very unusual person; I love to do things that others find difficult. I hope you remember I started as an air hostess and I keep taking up more difficult tasks and Olodumare (God) has always crowned my efforts with successes, including my matchmaking programme. 

So far, what has been the response to your matchmaking programme?

It has been very encouraging especially with the positive feedbacks I get from the beneficiaries.

What has been your experience as a matchmaker?

Oh, it has been very rewarding. Most couples that I have brought together through matchmaking have come back to thank me. Some of them would wake me up in the morning and start praying for me. Some will even buy me expensive gifts. Last year, some of these couples that have found joy and happiness in their relationships teamed up with some viewers of my programme to organise a birthday party for me in the UK.

How do you unwind?

I am a very homely person. When I am not at school, I am at home or work. My favourite part of my home is my bedroom; I rarely go to the living room. I love to write and read when I am not busy with other things. I get bored when I stay too long outside, but I never get tired of my home especially with my family around. I don’t like getting too close to people. I detest problems and hullaballoos, and I am a lover of peace.


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