Police arrest Syndicates specialize in eating human penis, intestine in Zamfara

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Baba Aminu the human eater

THE Police Command in Zamfara state, Friday, arrested 4 suspects linked to a syndicate that specialised in eating human meat and selling human body parts.

In what the operatives described as a new phenomenon in the troubled state, the Commissioner of Police in Zamfara, Ayuba Elkanna told journalists that the suspects were nabbed  when his officers discovered a mutilated corpse in an uncompleted building. 

“Discovering the corpse was part of our investigation to unravel the disappearance of the missing 9 year old boy,” the Commissioner said. 

Those arrested included 2 elderly men and 2 young men, while the Operatives were on the trail of other members of the syndicate.  

One Baba Aminu had already confessed to eating human flesh and investigation showed that the leader of the syndicate had in recent times, sent the sum of half a million Naira each to the other 3 suspects as their share of money from the sale of human body parts.

He said he employed two teenagers to scout for young boys to kill for him and they had done that twice, getting N1million in return.

“I paid them N500,000 for each of the killing of the two young boys. We removed penis, eyes, intestines and Esophagus and I used to eat these human organs and sell some to those who need them,” he confessed. 

He was silent on where he raised the money to pay the killers and did not disclose his other accomplices in crime. 

“The other suspect, Abdulshakur Mohammad, has confessed that that was the third time he was contracted by Baba to source for human parts,” the Commissioner said.

“He said he got N500,000, after the first and second operations before he was arrested.

He said he connived with Baba and Ahmad Tukur to deceive the victim, who was taken to an uncompleted building.

Mohammad said after killing him, they removed his intestine, Esophagus, Private part and two Eyes, which they took to Baba who in return gave them N500,000 as agreed.”

“Two weeks ago, the remains of the nine year old boy identified Ahmad Yakubu Aliyu was found in an uncompleted building in Barakallahu area of Gusau metropolis.”

“Ahmad went missing shortly after he came back from Islamiyya School in Gadar Baga area of the city.

The owner of the building spotted the decomposing body of the little boy when came to continue his construction work.

He immediately closed the site and reported the matter to the police who later confirmed that Ahmad was killed and dumped,” the Commissioner explained.


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