I will replace sharing formula with production formula – Peter Obi

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Peter-Obi (Photo. The Guardian)

MR Peter Obi, the Presidential aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), says if voted president of Nigeria, he would replace sharing formula of the monthly allocation with the production formula.

The former governor of Anambra, said it is important for everybody to be productive if the nation must survive, adding that other nations in the world are busy producing while Nigeria is busy sharing and consuming.

He said this is not the time to dance and celebrate as a nation but a time to work and fix the nation that has been badly battered because of “our celebration of the wrong things”.

“We have 35 per cent unemployment rate and if we add underemployment it will rise to over 50 per cent, many of which are youths in their productive age, so we cannot be celebrating,” he said.

The astute economist said there is nothing wrong in borrowing as a nation as the largest economies in the world are also in debt but the problem of Nigeria is that it is borrowing for consumption.

“Exporting crude oil has not saved Venezuela or any country. We need to invest in our massive landmass and grow our economy like other nations such as Singapore, Vietnam, and even Morocco have done with tourism,” he maintained.

He appealed to the party delegates to place less emphasis on sharing money as many politicians would come to them with money, warning that when it is time to vote they should consider the future of their children.

He said Obi is the kind of president Nigeria needs because after listening to him, every right-thinking person would have a sober reflection on the way forward for Nigeria.

“I believe if you become president, Nigeria will have a turnaround. I, however, do not expect Nigerians to just wish but express their wishes through their support for Peter Obi,” he noted.


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