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DUROJAYE Kehinde Obasanjo, a 39-year-old Nigerian electrical and computer engineer, has used his creative abilities to fabricate an amphibian jet. Even though he has not perfected its aesthetics, the jet, which Obasanjo built with 60 percent locally sourced raw material, is equipped with wheels that make it possible for it to either land on sea or land. He has a video of his pilot test of the jet to demonstrate to visitors on the exhibition stand on how the jet works.

[caption id="attachment_721" align="alignright" width="234"]Obasanjo displaying the interior of his made in Nigeria amphibian jet Obasanjo displaying the interior of his made in Nigeria amphibian jet[/caption]

Obasanjo, who graduated from the Lagos State University, LASU, said it was his creative dexterity that resulted in the innovation.?According to him, it cost him about N650, 000 to build the jet. He believes that with a little help from sponsors, he could improve on it. “Now, it can only move on land and sea though it is designed to also fly.? It moves at 120 kilometres per hour and 60 kilometres per hour on land and sea, respectively, for now. But it is calculated to move 580 kilometers per hour in the air. I have not experimented on that yet but if you talk of land and sea, it is perfectly okay”, Obasanjo said, adding that the military, including the Police, the marine Police, the Navy, and the Air Force could adapt it for their operations. He said the jet could also be used for sub-marine oil exploration.


[caption id="attachment_722" align="alignright" width="168"]Ali Nuhu, Hausa movie icon Ali Nuhu, Hausa movie icon[/caption]

HE IS regarded as a pacesetter and one of the finest actors from the northern region to have a successful career in Nollywood. Coming from a region that is not known to have a flare for showbiz, Ali Nuhu overcame stereotypes to become a much sought after actor in Nollywood after stamping his name in Kannywood, the northern movie industry. He has acted in more than 100 Hausa and 50 English movies and garnered 15 movie awards, including Africa Movie Academy Awards. A household name, Nuhu is currently one of the ambassadors of Globacom, Nigeria's leading indigenous telecom Network Company.

Born in Maiduguri, March 15, 1974, his father hails from Balanga town of Gombe State while his mother is from Bama town in Borno State. A graduate of Geography from the University of Jos, Nuhu grew up in Yakasai, an area popularly referred to as ‘No Man's land’ and Hausawa area of Kano town. He had his primary and secondary school education in Riga Special Primary School, Yakasai, and Government Secondary Commercial School, Airport Road, Kano, respectively. He completed his Senior Secondary School Education in Science Secondary School, Dawakin Tofa. He did his National Youth Service Corp in Ibadan, Oyo State, after which he ventured into acting fulltime.

Nuhu is married to Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir and blessed with two children.

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