Does Nigeria Need More states?

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FOR a very long time now, the demand for creation of more states in the country has been generating a lot of controversy. Many ethnic groups and tribes clamour for state creation to enable them develop their areas better. Nigerians are divided on the issue, some people say it is going to speed up development while others believe it will worsen the economic problems of the country. Below are the views of some Nigerians on the debate on state creation.

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Victor Ochogwu, Accountant: I strongly support state creation because that is the only way to resolve the problem of marginalisation in the country and bring about faster development.

David Anari, Petty Trader in Ketu, Lagos: I donít think that state creation can solve our problems in the country. The existing ones have not been able to solve our problems, how are we sure if we create new ones, it would solve the peoplesí problem. Look at me, I donít have money to rent a shop and the government said we should not display our items along the road. But the government has failed to provide an alternative market for people like me.

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Simon Okechukwu, Politician: Yes, Nigeria needs more states now. So many tribes are clamouring for state creation because of marginalisation. But most importantly, people of the South Eastern zone need one more state in order to be at par with other geo-political zones in the country with six states each. I believe we are the oldest people among those clamouring for state creation.

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Yetunde Kilanse, Student: We donít need state creation now. If you visit all the 36 states we have in Nigeria, you will find out that there is not much development in recent times, so why add more to the underperformed ones?

Anita Okoduwa, Student: For me, no. We donít need more states because the existing ones lack basic infrastructures and development models.

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