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THE Second Anniversary Lecture of Realnews Magazine held successfully on Wednesday, November 19, in Lagos, The epoch event was attended by eminent personalities, dignitaries and people from all walks of life, who celebrated the Realnews milestone. The book entitled: Paragon of Journalism, co-edited by Maureen Chigbo and late Mike Akpan, publisher/editor and editor-in-chief of Realnews magazine, respectively, was also presented at the event. Below is what people said about the magazine in its second year of existence.

[caption id="attachment_26631" align="alignright" width="120" class=" "]Benjamin Dikki Benjamin Dikki[/caption]

Benjamin Dikki, director-general, Bureau of Public Enterprise, BPE – Realnews has brought a new impetus to online journalism. Before them, online journalism was more an exception than a norm. People go online for news, not as a magazine but as feeders for other networks. But Realnews has taken a bold challenge of now having a full fledge magazine online, and I find it quite interesting. The quality of the articles, the quality of the write up, I find very, very interesting. The whole aesthetics of the magazine, I find very, very interesting, and I congratulate you on your second anniversary.

[caption id="attachment_26632" align="alignleft" width="70" class=" "]Soji Akinrinade Soji Akinrinade[/caption]

Soji Akinrinade, former editor-in-chief, Newswatch magazine, and director, MayFive Media Limited – Realnews is a new internet medium for all of us. They have done well and kept the tradition of professional job. It’s only two years; you cannot make deliberate assertions now. I do not know how Realnews make money to stay on board; they need to make money from the internet because it cost a lot of money doing it yourself. Realnews should strive to be like Times magazine that have updates often, with reporters and everybody dedicated to the job.

[caption id="attachment_26633" align="alignright" width="120" class=" "]Sylvester Idemili Sylvester Idemili[/caption]

Sylvester Idemili, economist and businessman – I came from Benin because of this excellent event. It gives me immense pleasure and joy to be part of the epoch making event that took place today. On one hand, it gives me the opportunity to see one-on-one so many personalities that I always see on television and read about. On the other hand, it gives me the opportunity to see on a first hand basis what my sister has been doing. Seeing the hard copy is like Realnews came alive. It is a medium of the future.

[caption id="attachment_26634" align="alignleft" width="119" class=" "]Seriki Davidwise Seriki Davidwise[/caption]

Seriki Davidwise, a politician and publisher – Realnews magazine is one of the foremost online magazines presently in Nigeria. Realnews is a laudable media institution with a strong desire and commitment to make remarkable positive impact on the Nigerian society. I commend the editor for the bold step. Realnews delivers professional journalism without fear or favour. The headlines make very interesting reading. Realnews accomplishments are staggering and the best is yet to come. As time unfolds, Realnews will be a global brand by the grace of God.

[caption id="attachment_26635" align="alignright" width="119" class=" "]Vino Uziewe Vino Uziewe[/caption]

Vino Uziewe, a career person and industrialist – Realnews magazine gives us real and fresh updates that are mind blowing. It covers every aspect of our society and I read Realnews online weekly. Realnews defied the odds to blaze a trail that is well worthy of emulation. The hard copy speaks volumes, and the online version gives really catchy stories that happen in Nigeria and globally. Maureen is a very versatile, renowned and resourceful journalist.

[caption id="attachment_26636" align="alignleft" width="120" class=" "]Igbuena Anayo Chukwuma Eze Igbuena Anayo Chukwuma Eze[/caption]

Igbuena Anayo Chukwuma Eze, Igbo traditional leader in Shomolu, Lagos, – Realnews is the first of its kind that has gone into our brand. The news, very real, even my children read Realnews daily. Maureen is a passionate social crusader. She is out to save the world.

George Obiozor, former Ambassador to United States and Israel, and former director-general, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, NIIA – Believe me, we must all congratulate Maureen Chigbo. She is exceptionally wonderful journalist and manager of news and information. She is one of our best and brightest.

Realnews is a wonderful innovation that has proven successful in information dissemination for the country. We congratulate her and her team for the wonderful job. She is not just a woman, she is a successful manager. She has done very well for the Nigerian journalism and for the country.

[caption id="attachment_26637" align="alignright" width="120" class=" "]Nwanjoku Kelechi Nwanjoku Kelechi[/caption]

Nwanjoku Kelechi, barrister and secretary, Falcon Corporation Limited – I get Realnews articles weekly from the internet, It updates us regularly on what is happening in the oil and gas industry which we operate in Falcon Corporation. Realnews gives insight not just to government matters, it focuses more on the down trodden, that is what interests me the most. I am quite interested in Realnews and where they are heading.

[caption id="attachment_26638" align="alignleft" width="120" class=" "]Victor Obineme Victor Obineme[/caption]

Victor Obineme, president, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Alumni, Lagos chapter – For the first time, I can see the energetic woman pioneering Realnews. I never knew Maureen before but I have been reading Realnews online. I am very humbled and glad to meet Maureen Chigbo one on one. I am very glad being a part of this event because she feeds us with real news.

Realnews comes with the real stuff. It is one of the few online magazines that face the facts as it were. God knows that I do not know her from Adam. Someone invited me to the lecture. I hesitated a while, but I enjoyed every minute and second I spent. I will do everything humanly possible within the confines of the law to support her. I will give her the support that she needs, more especially when she is from the divide of the country that I also come from. I will definitely spread the good news about Realnews.

[caption id="attachment_26639" align="alignright" width="120" class=" "]John Ubamaka Ashibogu John Ubamaka Ashibogu[/caption]

John Ubamaka Ashibogu, lecturer, journalist and pastor – Realnews, time shall tell in the next few years. Realnews anniversary lecture is a very exciting, colourful and impressive outing. Maureen is very hardworking and dedicated. We did our masters’ degree in University of Lagos together in 1990. She is very honest and believes that one day she will get there. God will lead her to greater heights. By the mercy of the Almighty, greater doors will open to her and Realnews magazine in the mighty name of Jesus.

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