Lean Maintenance & Lean Plant/Asset Management

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15 – 17 March 2016, Lagos, Nigeria.

THIS course is very interactive and supplemented with abundant practical exercises and case studies. This course is beneficial for all Industrial Sectors (Manufacturing Industry, Continuous Process Industry, Construction Industry, Service Establishments, Engineering) and for Public/Governmental and semi-Public Bodies and Institutions active in all sizes Maintenance works.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand modern Maintenance and Plant Management and the Lean Thinking philosophy, performance goals and critical success factors
  • Understand the real reasons of failure of maintenance operations managed and planned with a “traditional” style
  • Trigger a different thinking mechanism suited to focus onto crucial issues of the planning process
  • Use lean ideas to see maintenance works as “wasteless ?ow processes” and to think about improvement of the whole maintenance function
  • Equip your toolbox with lean planning tools, tips and techniques
  • Ensure Maintenance works of any size/scale will be accomplished in time, within budget and with overall satisfaction
  • Understand the difference between traditional Plant Management and Lean Plant/Assets Management
  • Transmit lean concepts to your own people and to external parties such as sub-contractors
  • Optimise Plant Performance through lean-thinking people while assuring their job satisfaction


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