We harbour no thugs – Sunview Hotel management

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The management of Sunview Hotel, Akure in Ondo State, has refuted an allegation that some thugs have been housed in its premises. Mr Wale Martins, Public Relations Consultant of the hotel in a statement on Sunday described the allegation as a very mischievous, crooked, devilish and bitter attempt at dragging the name, reputation and business integrity of the hotel in the mud. Martins said that the sponsor of the news was just mischievous and ignorant. He noted that the law enforcement agencies call every day to monitor and verify the status of whoever checked into any standard hotel in the state. “It was purely a calculated attempt by whoever to undermine and destroy the image of the hotel that pioneered luxurious hospitality service in Akure. “Sunview hotel has remained apolitical since it began business in the state; they should not drag our name into the muddy waters of politics. “Sunview hotel has no record of harbouring any band of thugs and miscreants ever since 2006, when it opened for business, all guest in our hotel are properly documented. ““It is the rule here, our facilities are not conducive for thugs, our facilities are for kings, princes, princesses and guests who want to consummate the best of hospitality service in Ondo state. “Our books are opened and the law enforcement agents are there to confirm this,”he said. Martins said the non-governmental organisation (NGO), which circulated the allegation was not only a fictitious organisation, but one which had no precedent of operation and only out to do a temporal bidding of whoever is using it. He warned that it should not link, involve, drag and network the hard-earned integrity of Sunview hotel in the altar of murderous politics. “We are in business to offer hospitality, not pain, we are out to ensure and dish out comfort in a home away from the home ambience. “We are not out to stoke any ember of discord and incivility, we are out to vend hospitality, comfort and good life, kindly, don’t drag our name into politics,” he said. (NAN) – Oct. 4, 2020 @ 15:12 GMT |

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