Environmentalist calls for sustainable lifestyles to reduce heat wave

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AN environmentalist, Mr Emmanuel Emechete, has called for environmentally friendly lifestyles to curb the growing reoccurrence of heatwaves in the country. Emechete, a climate change enthusiast made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos. He noted that heatwaves occurred when the heat in an area increased due to more exposure to sunlight and anthropogenic (human) activities which in the long run increased climate change. “When there is an abnormally high temperature in an environment over a period of two days or more, it is usually referred to as a heatwave. “Climate change is real, global warming is real, so we need to start living with such consciousness and take actions that are friendly to the environment,” the environmentalist said. Emechete expressed the need to engage in sustainable lifestyles to curb the effects of climate change due to the increasing heatwaves. ‘’The common health complications associated with heatwaves include; Meningitis, heatstroke, heat cramps, and cardiovascular diseases among others. “Heatwaves also affect animals, and its damage on the health can be both physical and monetary in terms of low output and income for local animal farmers. “Heatwaves also result in low crop productivity; reduce the supply of food and agriculture produce. ‘’In essence, it causes environmental discomfort for plant, animal and humans, disease and loss of life,” he said. Emechete called for the planting of more trees, reduction in the use of fossil fuel, and stoppage of industrial air pollution, to reduce heatwaves. “We should also encourage green housing and roofing; keep gardens instead of cemented floor surface outdoors as well as usage of renewable and sustainable energy sources. “We must practice an energy-efficient lifestyle by using energy-efficient appliances in our homes and offices,” he said. (NAN) – Mar. 15, 2021 @ 14:20 GMT

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