NGO trains 50 girls on electronic circuit technologies, web designs


AN NGO, Women Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) says it is training girls on electronic and digital circuit technologies, web designs to bridge the gender gap in the engineering space.

Mrs Adeola Akinyemiju, the Finance Director at W.TEC made this known in Lagos on Tuesday during the ‘She Creates’ Camp organised for girls between 13 to 17 years of age at Laureates College, Oshodi, Lagos.

She said that the girls were trained on building electronic circuits using circuit boards, jumper wires, LED bulbs and resistors.

Akinyemiju said the girls were also taught the act of public speaking, web designs, how to create dialogues online and how to build a simple calculator.

“We trained them on building electronic circuits, web designs and how to build a simple calculator to test their critical and problem-solving skills.

“Most of the girls were able to come up with different designs when they were told to apply their practical work to real life situations.

“Some of them built bridges, houses and stadiums with security lights and led bulbs in them, which shows that they are beginning to develop interest in the engineering and technology space,’’ Akinyemiju said.

She noted that the engineering world thrives on constant reinvention and women need to be a part of the driving force.

Akinyemiju said that the only way to make women part of that driving force was to start encouraging girls to pick interest in engineering-related courses.

She said that most of the girls at the camp were not
science students but since the beginning of the training, a lot of them had picked interest.

“We can no longer dismiss the potential that girls and women will bring to the engineering industry,” she said.

The finance director said that the girls were also trained on how to build a water level detector and what it was used for.

She noted that water level detector is a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the level of water in the overhead tank and also in other containers.

Akinyemiju said that before the training, most of the girls did not know what a water level detector was but now they have an idea of what it is used for.

Also speaking, Princess Okotie-Eboh, a Participant at the Bootcamp, said that since the beginning of the programme, she had learnt digital video making and how to build a simple calculator.

“I have learnt a lot of new things since we started the training from video making to water level detector to web designs and electronic circuits, among others.

“It has really been an interesting experience for me because I was here last year and I came back to learn more.

“The fact that we work in groups, has also taught me to be a good team player,” she said.

Adeyanju Adeneye, a student at the camp, said that learning how to build a water level detector and simple calculator was an amazing experience for her.

“I am very happy I came for this training because before now I knew nothing about water level detectors, electronic circuits and how to build calculators.

“This experience has made me develop interest in engineering and technology-related courses,” she said.

Ojuolape Adegbite, another participant, said that she loves to explore, saying that coming for the training had helped her to learn new ideas and how to multi-task.

“I had an interesting experience and I cannot wait to practicalise everything I have learnt here,” she said.


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