NGO unveils book to instil value re-orientation


PAT John-Oseh, President of Making Smart Decision (MSD), a Non-Governmental Organisation, has unveiled the `Value-Surge Book’, a compendium of values in different fields; from religious to financial values.

The unveiling of the book which would serve as a `Yellow-Page Book’ took place at the organisation’s thanksgiving and reception ceremony in Abuja.

“Unveiling the `Value- Surge Book’ is something that would be like a yellow page, for those of you who are used to what a yellow page book is.

“For growing parents who want to refer to certain things and they need help with certain issues that have to do with values, it is a book you can refer to.

“For those of you who want to look at some religious issues, whatever religion, it is a book you can refer to; for those who want to look into social values, office values, work ethics.

“It is just a one stop shop book that has everything to guide you on our values,“ she said.

According to the MSD President, the book will also serve to strengthen values and create a more conducive society.

She said that it was developed in line with the ideals of workings of the United Nations (UN).

The president said the UN Ethics Office has declared a commitment to work on value systems toward fostering conflict resolution and promotion of human rights in Africa.

“We are going to be having different programmes at the UN; we have also discovered that the UN is also working very hard on issues that have to do with values in our society.

“Nigeria is one of those countries they really want to partner with foundations and people to look into issues that affect our values.

“We will do the usual things, we will go to primary schools, we will go to secondary schools and make positive impacts, and we will still have professionals here and talk to them about values in addition to everything else we will be doing,“ she said.


– Dec. 16, 2019 @ 18:15 GMT |

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