Nigeria @60: IPOB urges members to observe sit-at-home on October 1


THE Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has directed its members across the southeast states to observe a sit-at-home on Thursday, October 1. It urged members and every conscious Nigerian to boycott every government organised ceremony designed to eulogise the failure that Nigeria has become.

In a statement signed by Emma Powerful, media and publicity secretary, IPOB, said: “This is the time to let the world know how disastrously intolerable human existence is in Nigeria today.” He urged Nigerians to boycott the celebration over state sponsored terrorism, bad governance and economic annihilation in the country.  “If you want to see an end to terrorism and organised mediocrity, now is the time to register your anger by ensuring that you and your household sit-at-home on October 1.

“Do not risk the life and well-being of your children by allowing them to gather in groups in the open where terrorists may find it easier to blow them up or kidnap them. There is credible intelligence that terrorist groups are planning to slaughter our children should they venture out to celebrate or march on October 1st. This order is to highlight our position and resolve as Biafrans that we are no longer interested in proping up a crumbling terrorist state.

“The leadership of this great movement in conjunction with supporters of Biafran freedom across the globe has concluded every arrangement to let the whole world know and understand that we are no longer part of this shambolic monument to terrorism and failure. As this long expired man made contraption marks her abused independence on October 1st this year, we IPOB will appropriately declare our intention towards the full and irreversible restoration of Biafran sovereignty and independence for all oppressed ethnic groups in Nigeria.

“Complete and total lockdown of Biafraland and other terror ravaged areas of the Middle Belt come 1st of October 2020 are sacrosanct, irreversible and non-negotiable! Wholesale slaughter of innocent Judeo-Christians and state sponsored ethnic cleansing cannot be going on in our land at the same time as fake jamborees are being organised by the same sponsors of terror attacks, in order to deflect our attention away from the imminent danger we are all in.

“We therefore urge that all markets, schools and businesses in Biafraland and beyond be shut down as a mark of respect to all those who have died as a result of terrorism against innocent civilians, especially Christians, ethnic cleansing in Southern Kaduna and elsewhere across the Middle Belt. Everywhere in Biafraland must be under lock for Nigeria and the world to know that we are all united in our march toward total freedom. There should be no public events or ceremonies in Biafraland to avoid any needless loss of lives,” he said.

Powerful advised Nigerian security agencies to focus their attentions on places like Sambisa forest, Katsina, Sokoto, Yobe, Bornu and other parts of the north where terrorists have been killing both soldiers and civilians in large numbers. “Nigerian army and police should direct their attacks on these northern terrorist groups and leave innocent and unarmed Biafrans alone. But should they feel as usual to descend on the innocent on that day, they should know that the world will be watching and that we are a people that can never be obliterated from the surface of this earth.”

– Sept. 23, 2020 @ 18:45 GMT |

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