Nigeria: Gusto of the Emperors

Nigeria: Gusto of the Emperors
By Ment Nomeh
A fairly causal visitor to our shores is likely to be puzzled with the jigsaw films he is shown as an appetizer; little chop before the main course. Not to worry! It is  not fake. We are always in a lesson class.
Our emperors have style. And those who brand them ‘dead deaf’ show great signs of illiteracy in the mechanics of imperial leadership. Many don’t  realize that what is ethically revolting  to rational citizens is the toast of the masters.
Isn’t Nigeria burning, not on the cliff? And aren’t  we not lifting barrels of inflammable into the inferno?
All parts of the country are seized by war and war threats. Yet  we do nothing because security architecture is frozen. Shame!
Yes, we speak. And nothing happens. Life issues are not matters of the moment. Blood everywhere! We snore.
Our responses are notoriously enchanting, and for good reason. Among other outrageous ethical conclusions the emperors dumbly force on us to believe that genocide is ethically right because it’s the ways of emperors  in response to the killing of certain animals who are  more persons. Animals have equal rights to national and nature investment! The swagger of their eminence! The gusto of the Emperors.
One of the more incredulous conclusions that we may infer is that, under all circumstances, bestiality is ethically right. You see;  that which increases the happiness or preferences of emperors, its correctness is safe for the animal-people. And doesn’t it include human non-people?
Whether we are told clearly why mutiny should be the ground norm in a delicate situation now or we are persuaded to guess or interpret, the truth is that we can’t fight external aggression against Nigeria.
 Bunch of rascals, these mercenaries, have colonized our forests and pockets of our valleys are holding us hostage for a phantom fee. Is negotiating  with them a scam or a new method of fighting wars? Intriguing!
Now, it must be admitted that whatsoever  the arguments are, my old theory may be helpful: share the national defense budget to Nigerians for self defense.
We may not have, by this proposal, set about dismantling national security for whatever reasons or propose preferences but it quickly points at where these public policy makers are coming from, and where they are logically and unnecessarily ending up. It is to raise the question, is this where we want to go as  Nigerians? God!
Let’s  not be turned on by our ethnic ambition!
Moral leadership focuses on the good or in the satisfaction of people’s preferences. Indeed, the rightness of an action depends directly or indirectly on its being productive of such satisfaction.
– April 4, 2021 @ 14:41 GMT /
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