Nigeria must improve its infrastructure to compete in Aviation industry-Official

THE House of Representatives Committee on Aviation Technology, says  Nigeria must adopt technology and enhance its infrastructure to remain competitive in the aviation industry.

The Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Thomas Ereyitomi, when he interacted with the management team of the Nigeria College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) led by the Rector, Capt. Alkali Modibo in Abuja.

Ereyitomi said that aviation technology held a unique place in the national development of Nigeria.

“In a nation as vast and diverse as Nigeria, aviation becomes the lifeblood that unites us, bridging gaps, fostering trade, and enabling the exchange of knowledge and culture.

“Today, as we gather here, we recognise the significance of innovation and technological advancement in our aviation sector.

“We understand that to remain competitive on the global stage, we must embrace cutting-edge technology, enhance our infrastructure, and nurture our human capital.

“Our shared goal is to elevate Nigeria’s Aviation industry to new heights of excellence,” he said.

The lawmaker stressed the need to invest in younger generation and equip them with the necessary and modern skills in the aviation industry.

“In the realm of Aviation Technology, our most valuable resource is our people; we must invest in education and training, nurturing a new generation of aviation professionals, engineers, and innovators.

“By empowering our youth with knowledge and skills, we ensure the sustainable growth of our aviation industry,” he said.

The chairman said that the committee stood as a bridge between policy-making and progress, saying that it was committed to creating an enabling environment for the aviation industry to thrive in line with its mandate.

He said that safety remained paramount in aviation saying that the committee to working with stakeholders to ensure that airports, airlines, and aviation technologies met the highest international safety standards.

In his remarks, Modibo said that there was a need to review the salary package of the college if it must meet up with the current aviation demands.

He said of all aviation schools, NCAT was the only aviation school on the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

‘’This is making our professors leave the school for others where they generate their funds and pay themselves hence, leading to brain drain,’’ he said.

He urged the committee to either review the law establishing the college to make it self-funding or review the salary package to curb the ongoing brain drain. (NAN)


-November 03, 2023 @ 11:05 GMT |