Nigeria@60: APC UK urges peace, unity


THE All Progressives Congress (APC), United Kingdom Chapter,  has urged Nigerians to embrace peace and work for the unity of the country as it marked its diamond jubilee.

The chapter made the call in a statement signed by Mr Jacob Ogunseye, its Publicity Secretary, and issued on Thursday in Abuja to felicitate with Nigerians as the country marked its 60th independence day.

The statement quoted Mr. Ade Omole, the chapter’s leader, as saying that “the recent call for secession by some ethnic groups is unacceptable and uncalled for.”

Omole said Nigeria was better off together as a people adding, that whatever differences if any, could be addressed amicably, not calls that engendered further divisions and polarisation.

He advised that the country’s political leaders across parties should pursue a common agenda that could promote peace and togetherness.

According to him, Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari is on a pathway to economic posterity, political inclusion and making giant strides in infrastructural development.

He said Nigeria was a force, not only in Africa but across the globe in spite of its current perceived challenges.

Omole maintained that as a country, fragmentation would do us no good, saying that we must be prepared to eschew ethnoreligious proclivity and promote unity.

“As we attain 60, we cannot afford to go into conflagrations.

“If Nigeria goes into flames today, no one will benefit from the likely catastrophe, not even our kith and kin who live outside the country; they will not have a place to call their home,” Omole noted.

He further noted that in spite of the county’s challenges, it had recorded a number of milestones which had made it a force to be reckoned with in the comity of nations, especially in Africa.

“Nigeria is the pillar of strength holding Africa together, the second largest continent in the world,”  Omole stressed.

He said that for standing as one indivisible country over the years, notwithstanding challenges and the civil war experience, was a big achievement that needed to be commended.

According to him,  successive governments until the advent of the APC have paid lip service to the development of the country.

He added that as a country endowed with rich and fertile soils and Africa’s largest oil reserves, Nigeria should have done better but for the failure of successive leaderships.

He further noted that the country’s billions lie in foreign tax havens because those who ruled the nation in the past did not believe in the nation, but added that there was still hope for the country.

“As we celebrate our diamond jubilee it is very important we do not forget our history as a nation.

“We should also not forget what our founding fathers desired for the country and its togetherness,” Omole said.

He recalled that successive administrations had always bankrolled independence anniversary with so much funds running into billions of naira.

“Such funds were often mismanaged purportedly to deliver banquets and parades at the nation’s Federal Capital (FCT),” Omole said.

He added that such funds usually ended up in private pockets most times, leaving decaying infrastructure and skyrocketing unemployment.

According to him, the country’s educational system has been neglected for several years and hospitals that are meant to be healing and recovery centres are practically reduced to death centres by previous administrations.

This, Omole said, was particularly worrisome as billions of naira were voted in the yearly appropriations.

He said the current people-oriented administration was being frugal in spending the country’s resources in order to meet several social needs in the interest of all.

Omole said that although the country’s challenges were monumental, they were not insurmountable with the determined resolve and political will which the present administration had shown.

He noted that the country which was a theatre of horror and terror with incessant terrorist attacks across the federation had enjoyed relative calmness in terms of security under the APC administration.

The APC UK leader also commended Nigeria’s Armed Forces, the country’s founding fathers, political leaders and traditional leaders for their sacrifices and loyalty to the country.

“On behalf of Nigerians in the Diaspora, I commend our armed forces for their determination and sacrifice. However, we need to do more in terms of security,” Omole said.

He further noted that among other things, under the present administration, the country’s electoral process was getting better by the day and could only get better with time.

He said gone were the days when election results were announced in the Federal Capital Territory while collations were still going on in the states.

Omole said that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), was becoming more responsible and responsive to ensure that the will of the electorate was not perverted like before.

“As we deploy and commission more large-scale infrastructure projects, especially in the areas of power, roads, and rail transportation, we encourage more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

“That will generate more employment with a multiplier effect of putting monies in the hands of the citizenry,” Omole said.

He thanked Nigerians in the diaspora for their support to the home country in all strata of the society.

He, especially, referred to the financial inflow and unprecedented and huge remittances to the country representing 6.1 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). (NAN)

– Oct. 1, 2020 @ 10:29 GMT |

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