Nigerians in Diaspora (Better Nigeria, USA) advocates dialogue between Nigerian youths, FG.

Dr. Fatima Lawson BNU. Deputy women leader
Dr. Fatima Lawson BNU. Deputy women leader

AN international advocacy group of Nigerians in The Diaspora, Better Nigeria (USA) has given a note of advice to the protesting Nigerian youths to allow for a broad-based dialogue between them and the President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government.

The group in a communique signed by their spokesperson, Fatima Lawson, from Minnesota stressed that Nigerian youths have made their voices heard not only in Nigeria but around the world about the series of denials of human rights going on in Nigeria.

Lawson noted that Nigeria is at the crossroads and if it is agreed that the future belongs is to the youth, then leaders of government business in Nigeria must listen to the demands and take heed.

“I ask myself whether we have any better option given our current track record. Clearly, we have failed these youths and run the risk of robbing them of a potentially bright future. It is time for all well-meaning Nigerians and leaders to rally behind them and do the right thing, ” Lawson pleaded.

A member of the group from China, Justina Ajala, in her contribution said some of the Nigerians abroad would have loved to join the protest, but for the distance. She advised the youths to stay focused and be consistent until their demands are met. ” I believe the Police reform is just one of the many demands from the government, but at least the youth are no longer in deep slumber about their rights as Nigerians,” Ajala added.

The PRO of Better Nigeria, resident of Michigan in the United States, Fidelis Okoye, insisted that police brutality as a matter of urgency must stop all over Nigeria. He demanded that all the Police officers culpable in the killing of unarmed youths must be made accountable as this will assuage the feelings of unrest among the youths.

Abiola Oshodi, Regional Director, Better Nigeria, Canada in his own opinion said, “as we start to find a peaceful and meaningful pathway to end the widespread protests, it is suggested that federal government carry out a total overhauling of the Police structure and ensure a new leadership is put in place to execute the police reform of government. Government should also set up a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate police brutality over the past 20 years and recommend appropriate compensations to victims and their families.

“Government should engage the youths in meaningful and far-reaching dialogues so that policy papers and reform ideas that are implementable are encouraged.”

In the opinion of Niyi Falayi, Regional Director Better Nigeria, United Kingdom, the group supports the ongoing protests and will appreciate the government’s gesture of seeking prompt solutions to the challenges that resulted in the EndSARS Protest. “We hope government will start and complete the much-needed police reform and invite the youths to contribute their ideas,” Falayi noted.

The Chairman, Better Nigeria, Salewa Olafioye, who is based in Michigan said Nigerian youths have shown resilience so far, therefore the federal government should dialogue with the youths.

“We want our youths to enjoy peace in their fatherland. We want police brutality against the youths to end. We want government to quickly meet with the youths and give them assurances that their demands are looked into,” Olafioye added.

Better Nigeria is the largest independent Nigerian organization in the Diaspora committed to global peace, youth empowerment and employment as well as infrastructural development.

– Oct. 24, 2020 @ 13:45 GMT |

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