NIPCO heightens support for customers, staff against coronavirus


NIPCO Plc has heightened support for its customers and staff in the prevention of the coronavirus ravaging the world. Suresh Kumar, managing director of the company, said there was nothing more imperative to NIPCO than the well-being of its customers and employees.

Kumar in a statement signed by Lawal Taofeek, assistant general manager, corporate affairs, NIPCO, said the company was declaring the support against the backdrop of the growing spread of COVID-19 and efforts by governments at all levels in the country. “As COVID -19 continues to spread, we want you to know we are doing all we can to support you.

“We hereby seek your collective support to stop the spread of the disease. We share the concerns and apprehension of our stakeholders on the pandemic, especially its toll on the populace so far. At NIPCO Plc, we have put in place series of measures to shield our esteemed marketers and indeed other stakeholders, who may have one transaction or the other to do with the company.

“Top level management meeting have been held on the health and social, economic implication of the virus on our publics – internal and external, with a view to coming up with practical policies to protect them in the course of the company’s operations.

“The terminal has full compliments of sanitisers, hand gloves and face masks for our staff and customers alike to ensure safety of all, while daily briefings and monitoring of measures put in place are being done as part of sensitisation programme on how to cope with the pandemic.

“Our front office officers and interfacing personnel in sales and dispatch have also been sensitised on measures to prevent the spread of the disease to the terminal even as temperature checks for marketers and staff are being accelerated.

“We cherish your transactions with us and seek your kind support to contain the spread of the deadly virus. We equally pledge our continued exemplary service to you all but with a caveat that your safety and good well-being would not at any time be relegated to the background.

“Management over the years have not only been resolute on growing the bottom line through incisive measures, including the recent restructuring to allow NIPCO have more foothold in the natural gas realm of the nation’s hydrocarbon industry.

“While congratulating awardees for this splendid honour, I enjoin them to keep up the good works and continue to give their best without cutting corners, which could be detrimental to the good image of the company.

“You should not rest on your oars as your collective dedication is sine qua non to the utmost success of the company in line with the vision of its promoters. See your recognition as a veritable avenue to raise the bar in service delivery to the company by re doubling your efforts to take the organization to greater heights.”

According to the statement, the management will continue to honour its part of the contract with the staff which goes beyond payment of regular salaries but also a holistic welfare programme that will continually enhance their wellbeing. We are equally not oblivious of the harsh operating environment in the downstream sector of the industry, hence the ongoing diversification to make the organization an integrated operator with strong presence in the gas sector.

“With your continuous support and stellar performance across board, we shall triumph and surmount all challenges, but also remained a benchmark in the industry. I regard both the investors and employees as a family and will ensure all sides have something splendid as rewards for their endeavours in the organization. We will continue to strive to make the family happy, healthy and shower prosperity on them in conscious drive within the ambit of the bottom line of the company.”

– Apr. 3, 2020 @ 18:35 GMT |

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