NIPR honours Ojobo with Presidential Award



  • By Anayo Ezugwu


IN recognition of his contribution to the growth of public relations practice in Nigeria, the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, NIPR, has given Tony Ojobo, director, public affairs, Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, a presidential award. The award was conferred on him at the 2017 Presidential Dinner Awards of NIPR held in Lagos on Thursday, December 15.

Speaking after receiving the honour, Ojobo said he was humbled to be recognised by his professional group for contributions to the practice of public relations in Nigeria. He said the award was a clarion call for him to be more professional in discharge of his duties. “I’m really humbled that some of the little things we are doing in our corner are being recognised by my professional body, the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

“I’m glad and it means more hard work. I want to dedicate this award to God and also to Nigerian Communications Commission that has given me the platform to express myself in terms of the way I carry out my responsibilities and what I do on my job. I’m very greatful. But of course, we will continue to put what we are doing in the public space especially as NCC because I believe that in the course of this assignment that this recognition came.


“We will continue to do what we are doing, improve on what we are doing and make sure we say it as it is all the time. Also to ensure that we take back the feedback we get from the people that we serve back to our management. So that areas that need improvement will be improved upon and of course speaking truth to the management all the time. This will ensure that Nigerian consumers, operators and all the stakeholders are better served.

“This award will make me to be more professional because I believe in professionalism. One thing I said to myself when I went to that beat is that I have to be a professional, a thorough breath professional at all times without compromises and making sure I do it the way it should be. I also believe that I have people that I’m mentoring, I have people who are working with me and I believe that what I want to leave is a legacy.

“Whenever time I leave the commission, at least I know I have a crop of people who can step-in and do the job. I also believe in setting standards. I believe in the Nigerian Communications Commission, we are trying to set a standard in terms of public relations practice in Nigeria. We are trying to demonstrate that you can be a government spokesperson and also be a professional in the way you carry out your assignment,” he said.

Ojobo with Oladele
Ojobo with Oladele

On his part, Rotimi Oladele, president, NIPR, said the honour was to recognise those who distinguished themselves in carrying out their duties at their respective offices. He also urged the awardees to continue the good works that merited them the awards. He called on them to assist the NIPR in rebranding the brand called Nigeria.

According to him, there is need for Nigerians to treat the brand Nigeria like a marketable brand. “This is the best time to regulate the communication sector, mostly the adverting aspect of communication. We need to band adverts that encourage the youths to travel out of the country for greener pasture or run out of the country to other countries,” Oladele said.

– Dec.  15, 2017 @ 11:57 GMT

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