Obaship tussle: Councilor plans to kidnap 7 children for rituals in Osun State


THE outgoing leader of the legislative arm of Egbedore Local Government area of the State of Osun and contestant for the stool of the Alawo, Taiwo Adegboye, has been told by the Fulani herbalist to look for seven children for rituals in his desperation to become Alawo of Awo at all cost after the death and reign of Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo ruling house.

An investigation revealed that “Kawu”, a Fulani herbalist opposite Alawo Grammar School in the ancient town along Ede – Awo road, told Taiwo, who was accompanied by the duo of Isiaka Sadoluwa Adeniyi and Hamzat Gboyelade, to bring the children for rituals after five attempts to be installed and crown as Alawo of Awo through the backdoor had failed.

It was revealed that Isiaka Sadoluwa Adeniyi, a Tablic brother and a Proprietor of the Muslim Children School, back of Floral Hotel area along Ede-Osogbo road, Ede,had promised to get four children when the school resumes next week on September 21, 2020.

Earlier, Isiaka Adeniyi had been alleged of engaging in digging of dwells for rituals and buying of deceased houses in the area which the people of the community have been monitoring his rituals activities over the years.


But on August 20, 2020,Taiwo’s father, Saka Adegboye, has performed a ritual with white pregnant goat and used its chest to crawl on the ground in front of Yusuf Gboyelade’s house and Awo along Ede road in the mid-night till dawn, before distributing its uncooked one to the unsuspected people of the community.

It would be recalled that no fewer than six members, including; aforementioned two people of the ruling house, were declared ritualists after being caught in their act by the son of Alhaji Abdulkareem Adegboye, the head of Abioye ruling house, Prince Yakubu Adesola Adegboye which he (Yakubu) was exposed during the recent emergency meeting of the ruling house.

Prince Yakubu added that on their arrival in Iragbiji, they were directed to Ikirun before going to a nearby town of Ede for the herbalist and when they brought the name of Taiwo Adegboye for spiritual checking in respect of the Alawo Stool, they were told that Taiwo’s was not destined to become a King, but he would thrive in politics than any other ventures and if they forced him on the people of the town, many negative things, including death of pregnant women and youths would be recorded.

He added that after they listened to their herbalist, they then began to beg him to help them change the destiny without minding the negative consequences that might happen to the town after his installation.

“When they pestered him so much, the wise man tactically directed them to meet another herbalist in Ikirun, who also told them that they could not do such a thing before they were directed to Ede.” Yakubu stated.

The struggle of who is going to be crowned among the Crown Princes of Abioye ruling house immediately after the death of Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo on 24th of June, 2020 and the tension has gripped the ancient town of Awo, the headquarters of Egbedore Local Government area of the State.

Speaking on the issue under condition of anonymity, he appealed to the security agents in the state to place Taiwo and other members of the ritualists under serious security watch in order to save the lives of the seven children, who may be unlucky as schools resume next week.

– Sept. 19, 2020 @ 12:45 GMT |

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