Obi at Chatham House: Ripe corn is known by its look!

Obi at Chatham House

By Henry Christopher

HE Peter Obi’s outstanding outing two days ago at the Chatham House in the UK recorded yet another victory and edge over his opponents. He proved his class once again, thus manifesting his immense readiness, capacity and competence for the presidency, in the global scene. Suffice to say that such show of immense capacity and competence is as investors-alluring as it’s fixing the negative international impressions and the dents on the Nigerian image among the comity of nations.

Take it to the bank; the quality of the inputs reflects in the outputs. What HE Peter Gregory Obi showcased at Chatham House in London should at best be described as PRESIDENTIAL PERFORMANCE. Besides the confidence with which he reeled out and discussed their Seven-point Action Plan of his administration, the seamlessness with which he masterfully responded to ALL the questions from the audience is something to gladly take home and relish upon.

Did we hear his analogy of creating honey to breed bees, when asked of his plan to attract foreign investors by former British High Commission to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright?