Obi speaks on Repatriation of Nigerians 


By Val Obienyem 

DURING our last visit to the UK, while Mr. Peter Obi was discussing with a UK Minister, he wanted to know what would be the position of Obi on Nigerians living illegally in the UK.

In replying, Obi said that discussions such as that was part of the insult on Nigeria and Nigerians which good governance would resolve finally. He made it clear to them that most Nigerians abroad wo

uld gladly come back on their own once good governance is enthroned. 

He reminded them that the duty they owe Nigeria is to support free and fair election that would guarantee the people’s choices.  

You see why Nigerians are rooting for Peter Obi. He is so truthful and  speaks to our hearts as one of those at the receiving end of poor governance in Nigeria. 

Kindly recall what I wrote about him: “This is why each time he speaks about Nigeria, he is so plain and truthful that they affect that catharsis of emotion that even set some crying” and yearning for his success.