Obi states How He will work with Obiano if He becomes Vice President

Peter Obi, vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has explained to inquisitive journalists how he hoped to work with Governor Willie Obiano if he wins the election in 2019.
Obi said: “the work of the Governor and that of the Vice President are parallel but complimentary. While he will be in Anambra tending to state needs, I will be in Abuja making sure that the Federal Government  carries out its obligations to all the states in Nigeria, including Anambra State. While he  works on state roads, for example, the Federal Government will work on Federal roads, the Second Niger Bridge and other federal projects. In matters like this, the welfare of the people should be the leading principle and our individual concern.”
Obi addressed the journalists after a courtesy visit to Nnia Nwodo, president general of Ohaneze in Enugu, yesterday, and shortly before visiting Arthur Eze, one of the chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party.
“I thank God all the Igbo leaders we have visited are on the same page. From our interactions with them, it is clear they see it as a task that requires unity of purpose because its success will be ours as well as that of the entire country.
“I heard that one Mr. Law Mefor was on air yesterday speaking surprisingly. Now is not the time for exhibition of hate. For brothers like him, may I remind them that  Igbos should know that no society can survive if it allows its members to behave towards one another in the same way in which it encourages them to behave as a group towards other groups: internal cooperation is the first law of external competition.  This external competition is needed most among Igbos today in view of the great task ahead,” he said.
– Oct. 20, 2018 @ 7:05 GMT |
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