Of all years, 2020: We hail the lucifer fakery

Ment Nomeh
By Ment Nomeh
WE enjoyed the year; 2020. No doubt, I am on a firing line inciting hail of rancorous diatribes from disappointed Nigerians that last year represented kingdom of Lucifer, the kingdom of hell.
I don’t mind. Yes, Lucifer and his mistress, the conspirators, were here to shepherd as many as it can into their kingdom but it was disappointment. Time to mock the devil. The dead-end was the beginning of the glory. Those of us at this end, last year, were resilient all.
Really, 2020 was a yesterday better remembered for surviving the devil’s plot to whiff off life out of all. We remember yesterday as history to learn.  Good sprinters never looked at the rear, that yesterday, while on the track for the big prize – the trophy. To mock the devil?  We can.
You remember the lockdown and  the social distancing. Yes, the economic meltdown and the wailing. It came to something but not substantially to excite the devil. It has come to pass, although we are being warned that the second phase is on the prowl.
Deaths. The olds, the vulnerable. It came to pass even though the oldies were warned: YOU are vulnerable victims of Covid-19. Laughter. ‘No killing the Beatles’ (Volkswagen Beatle car promo). And the proud owners of that rugged tropical African car swaggered, in pride, flinging the car key with the little finger. Yesterday!
The issue. Partly, why must the lion on the mountain  chose old men, and women, to die contacting Covid-19 virus  last year?
There is no time to  philosophise. But we can equally ask why the all loving God must endorse the Health Captains’ argument. Possibly to boost the superiority posture of medicine men?
So God endorsed that the old should die of Covid-19 pandemic, last year 2020, like all other evils that we regularly contest are not His creation? Somehow contradictory!
We trust that God is love, but we also believe that God is the Creator of nature, and nature simply does not seem to point to a God of love. Parasites, viruses, bacteria, diseases and cancer kill millions and torment millions of us plus environmental disasters; earthquakes, violent storms and floods.   There seems to be a “Lucifer Principle” at work in the world, as Howard Bloom noted. “Nature does not abhor evil,” he said.
Mountain lions detect vulnerabilities in their prey and attack the weakest — the young, the sick, the injured. The outcome of this instinctive cruelty. It’s how the mountain lion lives, following the scent of suffering and feasting on whatever he finds. But do these acknowledge the role that Satan and fallen Powers play in creation. Jeffery Russell said, in his book Mephistopheles, “….no theodicy that does not take the Devil fully into consideration is likely to be persuasive….” This is the truth.
Satan and other rebellious cosmic forces have had a corrupting influence on the creation of God.
As my daughter would order as a child, ‘….go, go!’, we order 2020, ..go, go!
We cannot forget one threatened and threatening self induced affliction, the security challenges. To plead innocence, should the Nigerian  APC government decide to impose subversive charge against me for HATE writing (speech) and all that, I  wouldn’t  say the nation is on the brink of war. But war drum is in the air. And we have dead-deaf on the nation’s cruise vehicle mission. Prof Gab Agu, have my brief but I suspect your colleagues in power know  the truth.
I am not a mischief merchant to instigate the inquiry of the accusations that some Northern Nigeria governors and elite groups propped the security challenges. No I am not. But I can be warned to follow my philosophy: ‘…good sprinters never look at the rear, that yesterday, while on the track for the big prize – the trophy…’
When we are disappointed or afflicted, God is shaking us out of our complacency. Wakeup to the realities of our mangled life!
Did Peter not say, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). A powerful, compelling, and creative enemy wants to kill you. Lucifer is on the prowl. Fake.
We survived the year, 2020, and hail the Lucifer for confirming that it’s a fake.
Happy New Year my people.
**Ment Nomeh, lecturer, was a former commissioner for information in Enugu State.
– Jan. 4, 2021 @ 12: 58 GMT |
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