Ohaneze Leadership: Obiozor Says Detractors are “Pharaohs That Don’t Know Joseph”

Prof. George Obiozor

Former Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America (USA) and university don, Prof. George Obiozor, has said that the letter purported to be written by apex Fulani socio-cultural group, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hotore, backing his nomination to lead apex Igbo group, Ohaneze Ndigbo, was ‘super fake”.

Prof. Obiozor, who was Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), said the letter was intended to cast doubts over the leadership selection process of the apex Igbo social-cultural group by suggesting that it was manipulated by the Fulani group.

He said, no such letter was written by Miyetti Allah Kautal Hotore or any other group of the Fulani ethnic group.

According to Prof. Obiozor, the purported letter was “super fake news” concocted by his detractors. He also described those behind the fake letter as “pharaohs that don’t know Joseph”.

Prof. Obiozor who was Nigeria’s ambassador to Israel, from 1999 to 2003 also served as High Commissioner to Cyprus ad holds a pedigree not matched by other contestants for the Ohaneze leadership.

Prof. Obiozor who holds the view that “politics is a concentric series of conspiracies in which the last party to conspire emerges victorious”, studied at the Institute of African Studies, and Albert Schweitzer College. He graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 1969 and earned his doctorate in international affairs from Columbia University.

The leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo rotates among all Igbo states and now berths in Imo state where different interest groups are up in arms against the choice of Prof. Obiozor by the generality of Imo people who see him as most suited for the assignment given his national and international exposure and network.

– Dec. 3, 2020 @ 16:55 GMT |

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